Vegetarian patties

raewyn64, Aug 13, 1:51am
Hi all
I amtrying to find some vegetarian ideas for one niece (aged 13) for Christmas Day meals.
She is not eating any meats and fish - ok with eggs and cheese etc though. On Christmas Day we will be having a BBQ so will have green salad; potato salad and coleslaw to go with it but I would like to have something on the BBQ for her.
I was thinking of a pattie which has some chick peas or lentils etc for protein but I would like to be able to make them in their "raw" state and freeze them as soon as I can so they are done and dusted and just need to thaw and put on BBQ on Christmas Day if possible.
Can someone please give me some help with a recipe or two that I can use and that I can freeze for 4 months (argh only 4 months to Christmas!) or any other suggestions you might have.
Thanks so much for your help

daisyhill, Aug 13, 2:02am
I know you're looking for pattie recipes, but my vegetarian husband loves to make veggie kebabs for the BBQ so you might want to consider those for something fresh and colourful to add on the day. He puts capsicum, mushroom, cherry tomato, and cubes of halloumi cheese on his. Sweetcorn cobs also go well on the BBQ.

And for a vegetarian dessert, I can certainly recommend bananas, sliced open along the peel so that some chunks of chocolate can be poked in, and then "zipped" back up and barbecued until toasty and delicious on the inside with the chocolate all melted. They are very decadent indeed!

If you don't find a good pattie recipe, the veggie burgers that are in the chiller section in supermarkets are really good. Hubby likes the "gourmet"burgers and the mushroom burgers. The Sanitarium vegetarian hot dogs are good too.

raewyn64, Aug 13, 2:16am
daisyhill thanks so much - I am certainly open to ideas for the bbq so thank you for yours :)

huia991, Aug 13, 2:38am
how about a vegetarian stack - portobello mushroom, haloumi, slices of eggplant and slices of tomato.Could put between a couple of burger buns.
Corn Fritters - yum
Pumpkin, Lentil & Feta patties

geldof, Aug 13, 2:40am
I have made mushroom and tofu patties.They were in the freezer for a few months.All my meat eating kids love them.
I would just take out how many I needed and cook them from frozen.

Are you interested in using tofu!I can try and find the recipe in my huge 'unfiled' box if you would like it.

Also patties of cottage cheese, rolled oats, egg, marmite and mixed herbs are delish.There is a cottage cheese loaf somewhere on here that you can use, just adding more rolled oats (or breadcrumbs) to get a firmer mixture.

raewyn64, Aug 13, 2:56am
thanks so much everyone these are great suggestions.
geldof thanks for the offer on the tofu patties but I think I will pass on that. I think that niece is mainly getting similar food items to what the other family members are eating at home and so I don't want to be introducing new products that she might turn her nose up. And my food budget for Christmas day is already getting high so the more items I can use that I will already have would help. But I do like the sound of the cottage cheese patties as I will have all those things.
Plus Huia991 your stack sounds very yum too :)

I really do appreciate all your suggestions everyone - they are all giving me some good ideas.

raewyn64, Aug 13, 2:56am
Thanks winnie231 I shall have a read of that thread tonight :)

pamellie, Aug 13, 3:00am
Raewyn I am starting a vegetarian cooking class tonight (in Tauranga too) run by the seventh day adventist church. If they do any tasty recipes I will let you know.

raewyn64, Aug 13, 3:17am
pamellie thanks so much for that offer :) Enjoy your class.

cookessentials, Aug 13, 4:24am
I have the "Bennesere" cook bookwhich is a vegan and sugar free cookbook. There are a number of pattie recipes in there such as "Cape Malay chickpea patties" "Greek Keftedes" "Sprouted lentil fritters" Is she ok with various spices etc!

ruby19, Aug 13, 6:00am

Check out the above recipe, I have made this often and it is always a hit, even with the meat eaters. I know it is not a pattie recipe but it can be made ahead of time. Regards the cheese I will usejust colby and tasty.
It also can be served more at room temp, and it is great served with salads etc.

frances1266, Aug 13, 6:39am
Frys vegan subs are very good.Well worth a try when you are short of time.
Think they have patties.

raewyn64, Aug 13, 7:05am
cookessentials - yesI think she is fine with spices thanks very much
ruby19 & frances1266 thanks so much - certainly more ideas for me to think about

Thanks so much everyone this is really helping.

pamellie, Aug 13, 7:20pm
Sorry they did nothing that would help you as it was all indonesian themed.

raewyn64, Aug 13, 8:10pm
no problem pamellie - thanks so much for thinking of me and I hope you had a really enjoyable evening

cookessentials, Aug 13, 9:50pm

roshu, Aug 13, 10:28pm
Alison Holst's Meals Without Meat still has some of the best basic, great-tasting recipes and I regularly make her lentil burgers (but use tinned lentils for a quicker job) There are lots of other pattie/burger ideas in there too. BTW many of my carnivore friends love the above burgers too.

cgvl, Aug 13, 11:06pm
I use a couple out of Sarah Browns vegetarian cook book, winners with both meat lovers and vege's too.
I first got her book from my local library will see if I can find the recipes and post.

cgvl, Aug 13, 11:14pm
Black-eyed bean croquettes. courtesy of Sarah Brown

225g Black-eyed beans, soaked overnight
100g fresh breadcrumbs
50g ground Brazil nuts
100g cheese, grated
1 clove garlic, crushed
1tsp marjoram
1tsp dried sage
salt and pepper

1 egg white, beaten
flour or breadcrumbs
salt and pepper

oil for shallow frying.

Drain the beans. Cover with fresh water, bring to boil and boil fast for 10mins. Reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for 35-40 mins or until tender.
I'm lazy and do this next bit in the food processor.
Drain the beans again and mash them. Mix with all the other ingredients and season to taste. The mixture should be quite moist.
I add a little water if I feel its too dry. Chill for an hour or two until firm.
Shape into croquettes or patties or meatballs. Dip first into beaten egg and then into seasoned flour or breadcrumbs.
Shallow fry for 4-5 mins each side.

For anyone not wanting to use egg you could dip into milk or water before rolling in the flour or breadcrumbs.

Note they are best left overnight to firm up, otherwise I find they break up when cooking.

cgvl, Aug 13, 11:15pm
Another of Sarah Brown's: Mushroom and aduki croquettes.
again the egg is only used in the coating so could easily be left out or substituted.
I make these using parsley rather than chilli and cumin but try them both ways. Recipe says also good with herbs, such as parsley or coriander, instead of spices.

175g aduki beans, soaked overnight
30ml (2Tbsp) olive oil
350g mushrooms chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
1-2 dried chilli peppers, deseeded and diced
1tsp ground cumin
30ml (gm) (2Tbsp) wholewheat flour ( I use whatever I have in the house)
salt and pepper

1small egg, beaten
75gm fine oatmeal (or breadcrumbs)

Drain the beans. Cover with fresh water, bring to boil and boil fast for 10mins. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 35-40 mins or until tender. Drain and set aside.
Heat oil in a large pan and gently fry mushrooms, garlic, chilli and cumin for 5-6 mins or until mushrooms are very soft.
Sprinkle over the flour. Continue cooking over a low heat, stirring the flour in well, for 2-3 mins. Off the heat, mix in the beans and season well. The consistency should be soft but not sloppy. Chill for several hours or overnight.
Shape, dip into egg then oatmeal. fry in hot oil for 4-5 mins each side. Serve hot.

I often do a double batch of beans when making any of these patties. half I freeze, it saves time later when wanting to make them again.