Homemade burger patties....

kahnyae, Oct 12, 2:00am
Anyone got a yummy recipe for burger patties? Got lots of mince to use so thought burgers for tea, have never made them before, thank you in advance :)

kurtis, Oct 12, 5:15am
yep cut the mince in little circles and throw them on the pan

buzzybee1, Oct 12, 6:25am
Yep, very helpful... NOT!
Mix your mince with pepper, salt, nutmeg (if available) finely chopped onions and fresh or dry breadcrumbs (this is optional, but makes the mince go further!). Beat one egg and mix well (this is to keep the meat from crumbling and falling apart while cooking). Form large egg-sized balls and flatten to size. Fry for a few minutes each side (depending on thickness) and place on burger buns with whatever your choice... lettuce, cheese, tomato, mayonaise etc. Bon appetite

baxter17, Oct 12, 6:40am
out tryed and true pattys mince 2tsp beef stock chopped onion 3/4 cup fresh bread crumbs1/2 cup grated cheese and and egg mix altogether and make home made burgers with them they are the best

uli, May 24, 4:58pm
Excellent advice - if you like add some fresh chopped parsley or chives or some garlic as well.