Made some yummy patties -but oh Boy!!

dragonstar_nz, Jan 14, 9:57pm
they hadgrated zucchini(sp), grated potato,grated cheese, cream corn, eggs, flour, baking powder, chicken flavouring and feta cheese, very tasty, but boy didwe all suffer from intergestion(sp) what could of cause this.

dbab, Jan 14, 10:13pm
A little bit of mustard added to mince patties stops the heartburn/indigestion, so it may work for your's too.

mkbooks, Jan 14, 11:43pm
I use cornflour for zucchini fritters, much lighter-if a high fat (hard) cheese , it might be a bit indigestible

uli, Jan 15, 3:31am
Maybe indigestion?
It could come from
- over fertilized courgettes
- too much cheese
- additives to the corn
- too much flour - or the gluten in it
- too much baking powder
- the chemicals in the artificial chicken flavouring (why would you add that anyway?)
- the feta cheese - which was most likely an artificial cows milk cheese, not a goats or sheep milks cheese which feta is originally.

Lastly it could have been the terrible seed oil you fried them in instead of using lard or dripping or coconut oil - which would have been much better....

hutchk, Jan 15, 3:58am
My God, I'm surprised they're still alive after all that!

uli, Jan 15, 4:03am
Actually I wondered too :)

rainrain1, Jan 15, 7:11am
You ate them too fast

tantric5, Jan 15, 6:55pm
I made some turkey patties last night and added some Dukkah to the turkey mince, fresh breadcrumb,parsley and egg mix and boy oh boy, were they yumm! The Dukkah gave it a beautiful flavour

elliehen, Jan 15, 10:49pm
Are you suggesting that feta made from cow's milk is bad for digestion?Seriously??

uli, Jan 16, 12:20am
Do you know how it is made?

elliehen, Jan 16, 1:18am
Please tell me.

darlingmole, Jan 16, 4:11am
Uli ~ I use to be a shocker at adding a pinch of chicken stock to just about every savoury dish until I was incredibley broke and couldn't afford the little "luxuries" and came to the conclusion that it had actually giving everything an artificial flavour!I'm a back to basics girl now thank goodness

elliehen, Jan 16, 4:19am
I've not made feta, but I've looked at several methods on the web, and it seems that whether your preference is for feta made from goat's milk, ewe's milk or cow's milk, it's just that...a personal preference.

Nowehere did I discover that it can cause indigestion, but I am open-minded and prepared to accept that just about any food ingested might cause indigestion in some sensitive systems.


The pungent, salty flavour of feta cheese is probably familiar to you. But this white, brine-pickled cheese comes in many styles and varies widely in taxture and flavour intensity, depending on where it's made and the kind of milk it's made from.

Each style has its advocates, and each works equally well in cooking. To find your favourite feta, sample several.

Where do they come from?

Though the name is of Greek origin, feta is made throughout the world. The types you're most likely to see are domestic, Bulgarian, and French. With a little sleuthing, you may also find fetas from Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, New Zealand, Greece, and Romania.

Why do fetas taste different?

All fetas are salty and pungent. Those made from cow's milk tend to be the mildest and have the least complex range of flavours. They also feel drier in the mouth, with a slightly granular texture.

Fetas made from goat's or sheep's milk have a greater range of tastes. Sheep's milk kinds, in particular, have a sharper, more intense flavour than cow's milk fetas. Both sheep's and goat's milk fetas are consistently smoother and creamier than those made from cow's milk.

In tastings, we found that cheeses vary as much from maker to maker as from country to country. Before buying, it's a good idea to ask for a taste.

Domestic and Danish fetas are made primarily with cow's milk. In comparative tastings, domestic fetas rated as livelier, Danish as blander."

Google was my friend, and answered my question :)

nzl99, Jan 16, 8:54am
May have been MSG in the chicken flavouring...?Glad it doesn't affect me! :PI like MSG!Anywho, these ones didn't cause any upsets here...

elliehen, Jan 16, 11:15am
I hope Rachel shared...;)

korbo, Jan 16, 6:11pm
Lastly it could have been the terrible seed oil you fried them in instead of using lard or dripping or coconut oil - which would have been much better....

#1 didnt say anything about how/what she cooked them in.....

uli, Jan 16, 11:59pm
That is right - she didn't.
Which is why I said "could have been" - as most people use cheap canola or soy oil, but not everyone - hence the "could" .

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