Meat patties

penfold3, Jul 11, 3:08am
sorry to have to ask, but these never work for me:(

i have mince, eggs, salt, pepper, some relish, and mixed herbs. and a few other things like mustard, breadcrumbs and tomato sauce i can also add if needed. there is about 500g of mince.

how much of the other stuff should i add, and how should i cook them?

thank you for your help :)

jessie981, Jul 11, 3:24am
Always use beaten egg & sprinkling of flour to bind. I just mix, roll into balls & coating, flatten slightly & lightly fry. Don't think I'd use relish as well as sauce as it may be too much liquid.

fisher, Jul 11, 3:37am
Mince Patties. . The baking powder helps hold their shape
Thaw you minced beef by placing in fridge overnight. Break up finely into a bowl...
Dice two med onions and place one in the mince and fry the other in a little oil till near burnt... Add cooked onion to mince.
Now add to the mince . . 2 cloves of crushed garlic, splash of soy sauce, tomato sauce and worcestershire sauce.
2 tsp chopped fresh oregano. . 1 egg, lightly beaten1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley . . 11/2 cups fresh breadcrumbs. . 1 tsp baking powder...
Mix together well using your wet hands. . Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. .
Form the mince mixture into round patties about 15mm thick...
Place the patties on the BBQ and cook for 5 minutes on each side, or slow cook in frypan on stove top using med heat until golden brown. Drain on paper towels and serve.

bridgette92, Jul 12, 9:48pm
The best tip i have found was in the alison holst cook book, and is to make sure there are no cracks in the edges of the patties and same for rissoles. Mine now turn out perfect.

floralsun, Jul 13, 1:54am
Some chutney or relish adds to the taste too.

stormbaby, Jul 13, 9:18am
My old recipe is very similar to fishers. I use the Tupperware hamburger pattie press and keepers, I find that the simple action of pressing and compressing the shape keeps the patties from breaking up. Also, the keeper containers stack and have a lid so its easy to make extras and freeze.

500gr mince, 1 egg, soy sauce, worcester sauce, Maggi onion stock (or any other onion stock), garlic granuals or raw garlic, fresh parsley.
Mix mince, egg, a good splosh of soy and worcester sauce, around 1-2 tsp onion stock, 1-2 cloves garlic (peeled, crushed and chopped) or a tsp granuals and a handful of washed, chopped parsley. If the mixture is sloppy, add a few breadcrumbs till its manageable. I drop around a good 2 desertspoons in each hamburger mould, use the press to press down and shape. Either freeze, refrigerate and use later or use straight away. I use a breville grill, around 5 minutes to cook completely. You can also made a batch straight onto a cold oven tray, pop in the freezer till frozen, and take off and put into plastic bags so you have free flow hamburger patties, good for BBQ's in the summer as they don't take long to defrost.

fisher, Jul 13, 9:38am
stormbaby... some time back I had one of those tupperware pattie presses. . very handy. . wouldn't mind another. . I used grease proof paper, cut into circles in between the patties before freezing. . easy to break apart before cooking. .

beaker59, Jul 13, 10:10am
I like adding a 1/2 teaspoon of my home made plum jam otherwise mine are much like everyone elses though if short or out of breadcrumbs(often) I use a tablespoon of plain flour.

ciannz, Jul 13, 11:18am
I always add some sweet chilli sauce

stormbaby, Jul 13, 10:03pm
Fisher love, as an ex dealer (20 years ago) I have around 3. Would love to give you one, contact me on my classified.

dbab, Jul 13, 10:15pm
If you add a little bit of mustard, they won't repeat on you.
I always add chopped parsley and a grated courgette to mine. The courgette stops them drying out too much, and gives you an extra serving of vegetables.

fisher, Jul 13, 10:23pm
What a doll. . stormbaby... but only if I can reciprocate :}

taza4, Jul 14, 1:37am
I just put my mince, onion chopped, Worcester sauce, soy sauce, garlic some Coat and cook (adds Flavor )and chop up cheese into little chunks mix it all together, I never use egg with mine and that it ! ! ! good luck

fisher, Jul 14, 2:20am
Taza4... I also use Coat and Cook but after making the pattie, "crumb" them by pressing them in the Coat and Cook edges and all. . as you say adds flavour and hold them together better...

289capri, Jul 14, 4:46am
I think the secret is to leave them to 'set' in the fridge for 30minsbefore cooking.

cottagerose, Oct 26, 5:01pm
I add sausagemeat to mine and breadcrumbs and it holds them together> I dont bother with an egg