Noodle patties... ideas please...

charlieb2, May 31, 12:07am
I just made some patties for the first time using some leftover spaghetti... . just to see how they went. I'm quite impressed with how they turned out. But were a bit plain... . . (I just added a couple of beaten eggs and seasoning and small amount of grated cheese)

Any ideas to jazz them up, tips on cooking them etc etc. . gratefully appreciated.

jag5, May 31, 12:11am
Bacon, spring onions, chicken, could use anything you had. Tin of tuna, or salmon... .

left over noodles are a good base for fritters.

charlieb2, May 31, 12:15am
yummy bacon! ! ! !

Yes, I was just inspired to have a go at them. . and they seem dead easy. Thought the kids might like them cold in lunchbox for a change too

maandpa2b, Jun 23, 4:16pm
bacon and sweetcorn go well, maybe some red capsicum for colour