Bubble and squeak patties help please

bbydol, May 14, 2:48am
hi i want to make some type of bubble and squeak patties, that is mashed potato, kumera, onion and whatever else i have, do i add egg and flour to do this. im thinking you definitely would use flour to bind it before i make them into patties and fry them.
And what would be the amount i. e. a cup of mash veges to how much flour. Thanks

retired, May 14, 3:06am
Don't know if this will help but is one off the leaflet from the Tupperware Hamburger Press... . POTATO AND TUNA HAMBURGERS 2 Cups Mashed Potato, 1 Small Tin Tuna or Salmon, 1/2 Cup Plain Flour, 1 Egg, 1 Tblspn Fresh Parsley, Salt & Pepper to taste. Mix together, make patties, grill, BBQ or fry.

retired, May 14, 3:07am
The other one is Vegetarian add 1/ cup grated cheese with 2 cups left over cooked vegetables (plus the potato) and leave out the Tuna!

bbydol, May 14, 3:31am
ok thankyou, so you do add the flour and egg. great, i use to make these years ago, and couldnt remember if you added the flour and egg. Just curious do u use baking powder as well. thankyou for your help. Its a good way to use up left over vege, left over mash potato and always tastes so good.

fisher, May 14, 3:46am
Squeeze the mashed spud to make round flat 1cm patties. . place in a frypan with butter. . once placed, dont move and gently fry. .
Chop up the veges to cubes... mix some eggs with a little milk and parsley finely chopped, salt and some white pepper. . Egg mix into another frypan and sprinkle vegs over half the mix. . once cooked, slice in half and fold over. . scoop up the mashed spud patties which should be nicely warmed through and brown on the bottom and place onto plate. . (dont flip). . place the vege egg cut sections on top of each spud pattie. .

retired, Apr 30, 9:59pm
It just says to mix together! Must say they sound very easy, may have a go myself.