Removing cooking oil marks from clothing

hkm11, Apr 13, 8:40am
Does anyone have a sure fire way to remove oil stains (like cooking oil, grease etc) from clothing?
I have tried soap, dishwashing liquid etc but they havnt worked (probably doesnt help that I only notice the stains once I am folding the clothes when they have been washed and dried - maybe the trick is to catch the stain when it is fresh? )

nz-trader, Apr 13, 8:42am
I find Amway LOC works for me.

elliehen, Apr 13, 9:51am
Eucalyptus oil?

lala2, Apr 13, 10:23am
I have used eucalyptus oil and found it worked well. Dab on oil stain leave to soak in then wash out with soap.

red2, Apr 13, 10:12pm
warm bucket of water , couple of scoops of napisan added with the clothes . Soak overnight . Do a warm wash through your washing machine the next day - works for me well

allspices, Apr 16, 12:46am
Frend always works on cotton T shirts for me.

donnabeth, Apr 16, 6:59am
Frend works; so does Spray n Wipe. I confused the two bottles and for a couple of weeks I was happily spraying my clothes with Spray N Wipe orange flavour before I bothered to read the label and discovered my mistake. To find the spots hold the clothing up in front of you or in front of a mirror.

calista, Apr 16, 8:30am
donnabeth -it's amazing whatwe can find out accidently. Thanks for the tip.

petal1955, Apr 18, 8:33am
Pour hot water on the stain and apply neet handy andy and rub in with a nail brush and wash in the normal way

mark_19, Apr 20, 9:58am
I used De-solve-it. its from the hardware store and probably the supermarket as well. I had 2 tops that had both oil and butter that i just could not get out. someone posted on here to try that and as the tops were pretty much ruined anyway i tried it and they have gone, no fading of fabric, no scrubbing involved. Its great. I thought that it was only for sticky labels and removing the residue. test the fabric tho as it does say not to use on silk, I used it on cotton. good luck

beaumonde, Apr 20, 10:08am
Yup De Solve it is great stuff, so many uses and it smell good too

micky_1, Apr 20, 10:09am
Bisisto's Eucalyptus spray ... I got it from my local new world made in oz but it sure works

ruby19, Apr 20, 8:05pm
Dish liquid, works pretty well, do not dilute, just rub onto stain.

hkm11, Apr 21, 3:37am
Thanks ladies. I tried dishwashing liquid and scrubbed stains but it didnt work, probably because the tops had been washed and dried about 5 times by now and the stain had set.
Saw I had eucalyptus oil in the cupboard, so I rescued the tops from the rag bag and tried the eucalyptus oil on the stain - figuring what have I got to loose, I was chucking the tops because of the stain anyway. IT WORKED! ! Am wearing one of the tops now! Thanks for all your help, I would not have thought an oil on an oil stain would work, would have thought it would just make a big oily mess.

twinsforus, Apr 21, 5:55am
How long do you leave the eucalyptus oil on the stain for? ? I have a couple of oil stains, tried eucalyptus oil on one yesterday but it didn't get it out... . I didn't leave it on for long though!

hkm11, Apr 21, 7:37am
Didnt leave it on for too long - I put it on, filled the washing machine with clothes then put in the tops, so probably 5mins. I washed them with other clothes with surf washing powder and napisan in the machine

opawa21, Apr 21, 8:26am
I have always used both dishwashing liquid and baby oil, you put dishwashing liquid and baby oil on stain, rub with your fingers, eyes closed until you feel it form a jelly texture and then wash normal, has worked for me every time, for wool I use just dishwashing liquid or a cheap shampoo and it makes wool nice and removes grease stains.

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