Roast beef question

gem1983, Apr 22, 1:35am
I was just wondering whats the best way to cook a beef roast, seasoning etc

jessie981, Apr 22, 2:01am
roast in an oven bag

rainrain1, Apr 22, 2:22am
or roast without an oven bag

karenz, Apr 22, 2:23am
Sear it on all sides in very hot oil or butter first, drape it with bacon and put it into a preheated oven.The bacon keeps it moist plus adds great taste to the gravy.

cookessentials, Apr 22, 10:52pm
Have bumped the meat thread for you. There is a great recipe for roast fillet of beef in there on the first page which is delicious. Although the fillet is expensive, for the odd time we have it, I prefer it over any other cut because it is always tender and tasty.

beaker59, Apr 23, 1:05am
Bolar roasts were on special a couple of weeks ago at PnS.

The first one I did last week in the slow cooker I browned it off well in the frypan then in the same frypan sweated off a chopped onion and some garlic then deglazed with half a cup of red wine and added this to the slow cooker with a tablespoon of flour stirred in then added 5 fresh bayleaves and a bunch of fresh rosemary and thyme(cos they are doing well in the garden right now) I cooked it for 5 hours and it was delicious and very very tender. the gravy was pretty good too and only needed a bit of seasoning at the end.

I cooked the second one on saturday (had a roast beef sandwich from leftovers for lunch yumm) This one I cooked in my covered roasting dish for 2 hours at 150 fanbake first with the lid on I added a bunch of bayleaves some fresh rosemary and some thyme and some garlic cloves with half an hour to go I added the preboiled potatoeswhich had been drizzelled with oil and cranked up the temp to 200 fanbake with the lid off to crisp up the potatoes and brown the meat. I then wrapped the meat in tinfoil to rest while I made the gravy etc it was just pink in the center and while not as tender as the slow cooked one was tastier and more succulent and tender enough.

kinna54, Apr 23, 3:28am
Pkt of french onion soup and some whole grain mustard, mix to a paste and cover the meat all over, add a bayleaf and cook in an oven bag or foil to help seal in the flavours.

guest, Dec 17, 9:07am
Eric and Eve,After some hassle trnyig to figure out how to freeze my 22 pound turkey, then cook it when my kids decided to come home, we had the MOST wonderful Turkey I have ever made. Wow. I did purchase a roaster and that sure is the way to go. Left my oven for other great things to eat like yams, green bean casserole, etc.Thanks for all your efforts as I love the produce, eggs, chicken from you all that the beef/lamb/pork from Lois and Bill. I feel pretty darn lucky.Kathleen Renquist

guest, Dec 18, 2:19am
Kathy,We feel pretty darn lucky for peploe like you and your family! We know the turkey size was a bit overwhelming. The 44 pounder was a bit much for us too. But you are correct, it was the most delicious turkey we ever had! We have learned a lot and look forward to raising turkeys again next year.much love,the menzels

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