Healthy Lunch suggestions for hard working man

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staceytee109, Mar 21, 7:55pm
Hi guys im after recipes that are healthy and can be made in advance to feed my hungry partner at work. He is fed up with me giving him the same i would my daughter. Was thinking bacon egg bread cases but wondered if they could be frozen!


ETA: He is not able to microwave meals or such as he works from site to site so needs something that can be pulled out at lunch and eaten with little no prep.

purplegoanna, Mar 21, 8:05pm
honestly for winter get a decent old fashioned thermos that holds food ( a food one) then you can send soups with fresh rolls and stews, and all sorts of hearty thing i eva got. 458089731

staceytee109, Mar 21, 8:34pm
we have a thermos and i used to send him with frankfurters and some rolls in boiling water and they would be perfect temperature at lunch. Thanks purplegoanna il ask him if he would be keen for some casseroles and soup but hes more into things he can just pick up and eat

purplegoanna, Mar 21, 8:41pm
tell he needs to meet you halfway.

staceytee109, Mar 21, 8:50pm
i only make his lunch 3 days or so a week but would like some recipes for snack type things to go with a sandwich that isnt biscuits and chips. Im happy to make him food he wants and its not quite cold enough for soup and casseroles yet for him. Hes a roofer so he gets extremely hot during the day.

elliehen, Mar 21, 9:23pm
Scotch eggs!.hard-boiled eggs wrapped in mince.If he likes his meat,why not throw in chicken legs for him to gnaw on and beef jerky.

Slabs of firm quiche, cold corn or zucchini fritters, perhaps with a little tomato relish for dipping on the side.

staceytee109, Mar 21, 9:28pm
ooo he would love chicken nibbles and he already takes scotch eggs occasionally when i make them for dinner because gosh they are time consuming sometimes. Looking more at things i can bake once a week and keep well frozen or not

vomo2, Mar 21, 9:30pm
Thaw out filo pastry, spray with oil about 8 - 10 sheets. The put strips of marinated chicken breast ( about the size and width of your finger), some wilted silverbeet,cooked pumpkin and potato, finely chopped leeks, relish and anything else you can think of. Roll it up in a log. spray the top. Put on baking paper and bake for about 20 mins. Cut into slices. Delicious hot or cold. You can also use fish, meat, or just veges.

elliehen, Mar 21, 9:31pm
You can freeze both quiche and fritters.

elliehen, Mar 21, 9:33pm
A savoury muffin, absolutely packed with veg and cheese!

staceytee109, Mar 21, 9:39pm
I was thinking of quiche and i have a loaf of bread to use up because its going a bit stale so thought a quiche with bread casing!

roundtop, Mar 21, 9:57pm
Bacon and egg pie and what about a good old well filled sandwhich!

dollydot, Mar 21, 11:01pm
They sound lovely elliehen.Do you think they could be made in advance and frozen to be popped in the fridge at night to go into the lunch box in the am! I'm looking for healthy lunches for a teen who's off to uni very early each am so I need to have something prepared and quick and easy to grab in the morning.

elliehen, Mar 22, 12:06am
They freeze well.You lose the 'crunch' of the bread case if you don't reheat it, but that doesn't worry me :)

staceytee109, Mar 22, 12:12am
thanks elliehen :) yes wondered about the crunch factor but i dont think he would be worried about that. Still open to more suggestions. Im just about to go and bake a batch of afghans. (preggy cravings) keep em coming :)

sherylt, Mar 22, 12:13am
I've just fininshed making this zucchini and pasta slice. It'll be going into the freezer for school lunches, but partner was just home for lunch and had a good go at it too.

kinna54, Mar 22, 1:23am
And a quiche with a bread casing is awesome. Just same as doing your breadcases, only on a larger scale.Cut the buttered bread in triangles or shapes and just fit to the pan. Works well.
I usually just add some chunky mixed veg, (if using frozen thaw first as they can be a bit watery) I often just add any cut up veg I have, (including cooked potato) bit of bacon, couple of eggsand a splashof milk whisked together. Very hearty and filling

staceytee109, Mar 22, 1:26am
do i need to pre toast the bread kinna!

kinna54, Mar 22, 1:27am
Final tip.If baking muffins etc to freeze, they can tend to go a bit dry when thawed. Choose a recipe that has a moist filling such as fruit, and anything that has yoghurt added.
Banana muffins, date and honey. or apple, peach and cream cheese are good to freeze.

kinna54, Mar 22, 1:29am
No. just butter it, and pays to grease or spray your pans as well.

staceytee109, Mar 22, 1:37am
ok great im going to give it a go :)

sumstyle, Mar 29, 10:53pm
Mmm, I made that slice and reckons there is way too much oil with it having oil and cheese.Plus 4 types of protein (cheese, milk, ham, eggs) makes it quite expensive in my opinion.I am going to modify the recipe and try again, as I like the idea of hidding the wholemeal pasta in it.

lythande1, Mar 29, 11:13pm
1)He should make it himself
2)If he can't be arsed doing that, at least make his own suggestions instead of whinging

charlieb2, Mar 30, 4:01am
I made bacon and egg 'pies' in the muffin tray recently. BIG hit.Also I made a savoury pinwheel at the request of my youngest. he wanted spaghetti in it.I also fried up some bacon and added that with cheese to the mix. again BIG hit.

chooky, Mar 30, 9:50am
I use my texas muffin tray and makes quiche's, bacon & egg pies, savoury muffins, scotch eggs, I freeze everything. Wrap each serving in glad wrap and just go to the freezer when doing lunches. The savoury muffins I cut across the top and put a slice of butter in them before freezing. Baked beans/ spaggs, mac cheese, soup all these can go in a flask.