Good Plum Jam Recipe

wyndra, Feb 4, 4:06am
have a large amount of plums and want to make jam that willset.

pickles7, Feb 4, 6:59am
Plum jam
use a preserving pan if you have one, if not, a large stock pot.
2.7kg of plums
1¼ cups water.
Cook slowly till fruit is pulped.
Remove from the heat.
Add 2kg sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved, return to the heat
Boil quickly until it reaches 105°C (220°F) setting point has been reached.
Bottle and put the lids on while hot, in clean jam jars. they should seal.
Stones may be picked out as they come to the surface.
If you don't have a sugar thermometer boil hard for 10 to 15 minutes, test set some on a saucer.

lillol, Feb 4, 9:37am
I used this recipe last weekend, exact recipe, and my jam came out perfect, it set and is really really yummy :)

gardie, Feb 4, 5:58pm
I never put water in my plum jam.Weigh then just pop the stoned fruit halves into a pan and slowly bring to the boil and simmer till soft and pulpy then I add up to the same weight of sugar.Depends on the plum itself and the sweetness that you want the jam.Boil till gels on a saucer and bottle.I find that adding water in any jam dilutes it and it takes longer to get to setting point.Provided that you bring the fruit to the boil slowly, water is unnecessary.

lythande1, Feb 4, 6:53pm
50% plums, 50% sugar, juice from 1 lemon.
Cook gently until it sets. Test by putting a bit onplate, cool and tip it. If it runs, cook longer.

beaker59, Feb 5, 12:36am
I use twice as much plums and maybe even three as much as this but otherwise the same, because I have less sugar I get a soft set but enough to still be useable jam yet very plumy flavour and not too sweet which I am not a fan of. My plum tree produces red skinned yellow flesh plums which have a strong flavour which I have come to love.

vonkrum, Feb 2, 4:08am
thanks pickles7, my husband and I have now made two double batches of your plum jam recipe.Very nice.The thermometre was a great help as in the past we have just used the saucer method and not always succeeded.Hope the kids dont eat it too quickly, or maybe it will be my husband.

pickles7, Feb 3, 5:41am
Glad you found the thread.vonkrum.

vonkrum, Feb 13, 8:46pm
bumping for plum jam makers

grouch, Feb 13, 9:49pm
Just made plum jam and I used the jam setting sugar. Its so easy and doesnt fail. 1kg of plums, 1kg of sugar and knob of butter and boil for 4 mins. Perfect and yum.

pickles7, Feb 13, 10:26pm
I didn't think you could go wronge with plum jam. The "jam sugar" adds unnecessary expense.
jam testing
****** test for pectin
1 tsp of juice, 3 tsp of methylated spirits. shake gently leave 1 minute, . The juice will clot firmly if there is enough pectin. If it doesn't it may pay to add some.
King.jam setting.mix.pectin base.Handy to have in your pantry.

Sugar thermometer test for jam.
Boil until 111 C or 222 f. put jam into hot jars, put the lids on while hot.

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