My pavlova is soft

donnabeth, Apr 3, 4:00am
I made a new recipe, one that is beaten all together for 20 minutes then piled onto a tray. I baked it for two hours and came back, but it's still all soft. It looks nice and white and glossy and I've turned the oven up to 100 but another hour later, it's still soft.

What did I do wrong, and is there a chance it can be saved?

harrislucinda, Apr 3, 6:12am

donnabeth, Apr 3, 7:21am
I beat 4 egg whites, 1C castor sugar and 2tsp vinegar for 20 minutes. I added 1tbsp cornflour and beat again for 5 minutes.

It was lovely and glossy and spread easily and as it baked it held its shape very well.

It is still in the oven now as it cools and isn't cracking. The shell has crisped a little to the touch but a press on the side showed how fragile and rubbery it really is.

00755, Apr 3, 10:12am
Thats the recipe for the soft pavlova without the hard shell when you see recipes that state mix all together its the soft pav

donnabeth, Apr 3, 10:01pm
00755 thank you, I never knew that.
My friend makes that pav and although I've had the recipe for years I've never tried it, preferring to make my old faithful that I know will work. The long holiday and a wet day led me to experiment and being labelled 'Pav. not too sweet" made me think it was a healthy option.

We'll find out soon how it tastes.

harrislucinda, Dec 29, 6:14pm
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