Leftover roast pork

robbiesgrl, Jan 23, 8:13am
So much meat. Any ideas on what to do with it!

jaybee6, Jan 23, 8:21am
I make pork patties or do a cottage pork pie. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

tiger1001, Jan 23, 8:24am
Sculpt a portrait of John Key with it and auction it on TM!

kiwitrish, Jan 23, 8:29am
I freeze mine on dishes with the crackling and reheat in microwave.Great Sunday roast without the hassle.

pp11, Jan 23, 9:09am
I sometimes do rice paper rolls with vermacelli, spring onions, cucumber, dash of sweet chilli or hoisin sauce, delicious. You don't actually use a great deal of pork though. Mmmm could do with a few now.

Or, special fried pork rice with pork, pineapple, peas, egg, shrimps, soy sauce etc.

Hot pork, gravy and apple sauce rolls.

robbiesgrl, Jan 23, 10:25am
Yum , thanks guys I have so much meat left I could just about give everything a go! Keep your eyes peeled for the John Key
pork sculptures!

rugbyref, Jan 23, 10:14pm
I slice mine up cook in a little water with onions,peppers then add a gravy, yum.

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