Cold, leftover roast lamb

ksr, Apr 6, 11:17pm
Inspire me people :)I need dinner inspiration!

rainrain1, Apr 6, 11:51pm
mashed potato, lettuce salad, and mint jelly... . what could be better! !

ksr, Apr 7, 1:27am
Hmmm I guess we always have it cold with salad so was thinking along the lines of something different, and hot :)

pvilz, Apr 7, 1:30am
sliced into a fresh long bun with gravy, onions, tomatoes and grated cheese. . mmmm yuumo!

lizab, Apr 7, 2:25am
mince it up. Fry some onions, add a little flour, add some tinned tomatoes with some stock and some herbs, add the minced lamb and heat through. Put into oven dish, mash some potatoes or kumara with butter and milk, put on top of lamb and bake til golden.

poppy62, Apr 7, 2:26am
Shepherds pie! ! Yum yum!

gavin166, Apr 7, 3:06am
sliced and rolled up in mountain bread/similar, with grated carrot, lettuce, red onion, hommous, tomatoes and sweet chili sauce

liteblue, Apr 7, 3:13am
I really like the lamb cut up and warmed in a little mint sauce, maybe other herbs added, especially fennel, then scattered on a bed of nice lettuce, red onion, and other salad ingredients, if liked.

ksr, Apr 7, 6:22am
Thanks for all the ideas :)

cookessentials, Apr 7, 6:28am
I do this with any cold roast meat

Slice thinly and then layer into a casserole dish with thinly sliced onion, peeled and sliced potato and/or kumara, sprinkle of dried herbs. I just layer alternatley finishing with a layer of potato or kumara. Pour over a can of chopped tomatoes and then make a gravy ( yes, I use Bisto! ) the gravy should be reasonably thick, then pour over and bake in oven at 170c until potato is cooked through. Remove lid towards the end if you want to colour the top.

jubellsrose, Apr 7, 6:54am
I make enough gravy for 2nd meal after the roast and then layer cold sliced lamb gravy in casserol dish and either use microwave or oven to heat. Mashed spuds and greens.

purplejo, Apr 7, 7:56am
Slice thinly & fry in a griddle pan so goes a little crispy. Serve with Lebanese red cabbage + pitta bread and have a pom-style kebab

1buzemum, Jan 9, 10:45am
lay thick slices in casserole dish with onion, mix 1 cup water with french onion soup and pour over top cover and bake 150deg till onion is cooked