Roast lamb in a crockpot?

bettyboots, Jun 13, 10:15am
Help. can i cook a lamb shoulder roast in the crockpot? If yes what do i put in with it? e. g. water or oil

nzmu, Jun 13, 10:29am
This is how I do mine, rub it with oil and seasonings, sear all sides in a little hot oil (I use a wok), place a trivet in slow cooker, cook about 8hrs on low. If you want to crisp the outside a bit, I throw it into an ovenproof dish and into the oven for the last 15mins of the roast veges cooking. My son-in-law gave me the recipe lol.

bettyboots, Jun 13, 10:31am
Sounds yummy, thank you. Silly question, but its late - what is a trivet?

nzmu, Jun 13, 10:33am
A metal cake rack like thing, so the meat is raised a little. Some use an upturned saucer.

nzmu, Jun 13, 10:35am
like in auction 296375184

bettyboots, Jun 13, 10:44am
lol thank you

porsh_a, Aug 2, 6:04pm
I just put an upside down saucer in the bottom of my crockpot, with a dash of mint sauce and a dash of water (the mint sauce helps the flavour and the water stops the mess on the bottom of the crockpot sticking from any fat dripping off), and put the roast lamb in on low all day - delish!