Roast lamb.....

me131, Jan 15, 1:02am
I have a 2 kg roast butterfly something lamb - I have just bought this massive roasting dish that has a built in rack the meat sits on.

Tell me the best way to cook this (temp, time, flavoring) please. I've normally use the slow cooker but have ran outta time for that so oven it is.

feris04, Jan 15, 1:16am
180C, 30 minutes plus 25 for every 500g so about 1 and a half - 2 hours depending on whether it has a bone in it. Garlic and rosemary work well with lamb.

harrislucinda, Jan 15, 1:17am
iftea isat6pmputinon about2-30at150-60degontherackbutiliketohaveoiltomakeroastspudsthentakeoutatleast15min to restiamabouttoputbeefinforourteato cookslow

gaspodetwd, Jan 15, 6:05am
The best stuffing for a boned lamb roast is spinach, feta, fried onions and garlic, a few breadcrumbs and seasoning. You can add herbs like oregano and thyme and rosemary too. It's amazing.

hollypc, Jan 15, 6:24am
If dinner is at 6pm I would put on at 4.30 easy remember is a butterfly , on a bbq it takes no more than 20 mins each side.

blt10, Jan 15, 6:26am
I came across a nice lamb stuffing recipe recently, I will post when it's found

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