Roast Lamb in the Crockpot???

ziggy16, Nov 23, 11:52pm
Ok I want a pretty simple receipe as the kids won't go for all the extra flavours so I want to add a roast to the pot what do I need to add, any water? Thanks

jaydan1, Nov 24, 12:00am
Hi ziggy, If you just want plain and simple, just cover meat with water, add some salt a pepper and maybe if your feeling fanciful you could add a small sprig of rosemary..needs to be cooked slowly over duration of the day 5-7 hours. I wouldn't think it be so much a roast though, more of a huge hunk of tender meat.

ziggy16, Nov 24, 12:05am
yeah thanks jaydan1 that's how the kids like it a hunk of meat LOL when you say cover with water surely you don't mean fill the pot to cover the meat I thought I should only add enought to wet the outside then add it to the pot? and yes I will add a bit of herbs

jaydan1, Nov 24, 12:11am
Have you used a crockpot before? I myself have never heard of not putting water in with the meat and we often use our one. Usually we cover our meat so it is emmerged in the water and leave to cook, comes out beautifully tender. I would think not having liquid in it would more than likely burn or dry it out. But then again i'm no expert lol, sorry I coudn't be more of a help.

grandma, Nov 24, 12:17am
I would only "rinse" the meat, pop it in the crock pot and let it do it's thing.Put a sprig of rosemary on top and away you go. Lovely juice left for making gravy at the end of the cooking time too.

beaker59, Nov 24, 12:18am
No it doesn't dry out or burn tends to develop allot of juices though which makes a very nice gravy. I only add water if cooking corned beef. Though generally I brown meat well first in frypan then add to slow cooker then sweat off onions then deglaze pan with wine or cider and add all that to slow cooker lid on and cook.

jaydan1, Nov 24, 12:30am
Thanks beaker, well I've certainly learned something new today, I will be trying this in future for sure, always beleived it would dry out, now I know better, cheers.

rainrain1, Nov 24, 3:33am
Covering a piece of lamb or chicken etc with water is a big no no!!All you need is 1 or 2 tablespoons of water to roast in the crock pot.Cover meat with water if you boiled meat such as corned beef

ziggy16, Nov 24, 3:38am
pheww glad I never added any water then Thanks guys you've been a great help :) I'll enjoy my lamb when I get home, heading out again now and it smells lovely

uli, Nov 24, 4:12am
Just a reminder: you cannot "roast" in a crockpot.
Even if you use a piece called roast - it will be stewed meat that comes out of it bereft of any roasty aromas.

Beakers idea to brown meat first and also add juices from the pan to the crockpot gives a much nicer result and more in line with a real roast.

rainrain1, Nov 24, 4:53am
Sometimes busy people haven't time to mess about browning meat uli.And it isn't always necessary

jaydan1, Nov 24, 4:59am
Haha, sorry ziggy, very ill informed advice on my half, though I was only trying to help..hope your lamb is beautiful. Cant beleive I almost ruined a beautiful peice of lamb for you.

uli, Nov 24, 8:26am
What are you trying to say there?

lil_angel_kel, Nov 24, 5:49pm
I make mine super easy! Put a small amount of oil in the crockopt - put in the meat - add salt and pepper.Easy peasy!And it never dries out, the meat is super tender, and the outside is a little bit firmer, kind of like a roast in the oven - so yummy and a hit in my house! I do the same for roast beef in the crock pot.I usually put mine on at about 11am and leave it on low all day :)

boothy1, Nov 26, 7:52am
Roast Pork and Roast Beef,,best ever in the crockpot,could never get pork moist in oven but this,awww you cant even carve it,falls apart..

buzzy110, Nov 26, 7:59am
It appears, uli, that because it was you who backed up some very sage advice, it should be disputed at all costs. beaker appeared to get away scot free.

***waves to beaker***. Excellent advice beaker and I'm sure that even busy people can find the small amount of extra time needed to turn their meals from boring to something really nice.

fisher, Sep 7, 6:06pm
Browning == flavour.. end of story.. as you were..:}