SHEPHERDS PIE with leftover meat from Roast Lamb..

marley, Jun 23, 10:06pm
Does anyone have a recipe that uses leftover meats for a shepherds pie? ? ? I have some lovely leftovers from our roast lamb last night and though a shepherds pie might be nice... I will have to do it before my hubby gets home from work otherwise they become his afternoon tea! ! ! hahaha

245sam, Jun 23, 10:38pm
marley, have a look at:- php? f=14&t=329

There's a choice of recipes there for you. :-))

ballito, Jun 23, 11:08pm
Mince up the roast in the processor or mincer together with carrot and onion. Then what I do is brown it off in a frypan and add whatever other flavourings you want - stock etc - add water and then thicken. Pop into a dish and top with mashed potatoes. Shepherds pie made the old fashioned way - yum.

marley, Jun 24, 1:35am
Thanks everyone! ! !

anne1955, Jun 24, 12:56pm
Hi I put mine through the old fashion mincer I use to use my whizzbut it died from over use haha and I also put my onion throught it... and a crust of bread. . the end of the loaf... and do it last... can add carrot or the likes but I don't as I don't like... also if there is any gravy left mix that in. . not making it to runny though just the scrappings is enough just to give it a bit of moisture. . but use bread as the last thing through the mincer. . also do this with paua when mincing... (ok don't shoot me). . pill it into dish cover with mashed spud and at a pinch I will make up instant (again don't shoot me) spud but it's better actually great nowdays put knobs of butter on top warm/cook again in oven then top and melt with cheese. . yummy never ever use mince meat as such for shepards pie it doesn't do it for me sorry has to be done with left over roast even beef... . yummy tucker

margyr, Jun 24, 6:23pm
i like to add some tomato sauce and relish to the meat mixture as well.

kcak, Jun 24, 10:05pm
Lol Anne, I won't shoot you as I always put bread through the mincer to clean it out too - makes for a better texture for tuatua, paua fritters etc. I also add packet gravy mix to shepherds pie - horrors!

cookessentials, Jun 24, 10:19pm
I remember Mum making her shepherds pie with the left over roast meat. She used to have the old enamel hand mincer and would mince the meat and then make in the usual way. It was always very tasty.

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 24, 11:45pm
why not try mixing the leftovers with some lamb mince? and just make sure they are small pieces. i add a tin of tomatoes and a gravy paste (bisto gravy powder) and add whatever flavourings i want with mixed veges boiled pumpkin chunks cauli and broccolli. i try now and then with a kumara and potato mash with cheese to top it off. very yummy and hearty :)

juliewn, Jun 25, 8:12am
I use the end crust from a loaf of bread too. .

I like simplicity when making a Shepard's Pie. . I use the left-over roast lamb/mutton/hogget - when the latter was still available - haven't seen hogget for a long time - I add an onion and the crust. . putting all through my mincer. . then mix through some homemade tomato sauce, pile into a greased dish - I don't use any liquid - and pile mashed potatoes on top. I use a fork to make a pattern on the top, and in the oven to bake till heated through and the top is golden. . yum!

winnie231, Sep 6, 8:42am
Snap Julie ... that's my recipe exactly except I use a mixture of homemade tomato sauce & gravy if there's any left over!
Just thinking about it makes me want some ... time to 'aquire' another hogget me thinks :)