Leftover roast lamb

angel404, Mar 2, 2:17am
Any ideas how to make another dinner out of it!

davidt4, Mar 2, 2:26am
Moussaka - mince or finely chop the meat and add to the sauce at the end.

strebor1, Mar 2, 2:31am
Just love Moussaka. It also goes well with Couscous I find.

harrislucinda, Mar 2, 2:45am
shepherdpieMincelambaddagravytomakemoist mixinmincedonionGratecarrotplaceontopthemmashedpotatodotwithbutterandbake

akl439, Mar 2, 7:55am
I slice what's left over and freeze.I then reheat it with gravy and some finely sliced onion so it's another roast lamb meal another night.

korbo, Mar 2, 8:43am
made these the other day with small amount of leftover roast lamb.
chopped onion, grated zucchini, chopped tomato, grated carrot, 1 egg, selfraising flour, mint sauce, mixed all together and made fritters.

vomo2, Mar 2, 9:31am
make a gravy ( even a packet one is nice) and slice the meat into it and freeze. An instant roast meal after work! Just add veges to the plate.

beaker59, Mar 2, 6:39pm
I like lamb just cold sliced with a few salads. So really nice cheap legs out there at the moment I cook a large one for us 3 and it lasts about 3 days.

angel404, Mar 2, 7:46pm
I ended up slicing it cold and adding it to a wrap with salad :)

gardie, Mar 2, 9:10pm
Stovies.Dice an onion or two and stick it in a pan to cook, add the chopped up left over lamb and a few diced potatoes.Cover the lot with stock (or cubes and water), add a couple of tablespoons of worcestershire sauce and simmer it all gently until the liquid has mostly gone.Serve with oatcakes and a glass of milk.(From my Scottish grandmother - my most favourite meal ever).

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