Leftover roast lamb

sarahb5, Jun 6, 11:02pm
What can I do with it other than shepherd's pie which Mr 17 has recently decided he doesn't like and won't eat!I considered pita bread with salad and mint yoghurt dressing but the "males" wouldn't consider that a proper dinner .

pericles, Jun 6, 11:08pm

roundtop, Jun 6, 11:09pm
Curry good!

sarahb5, Jun 6, 11:10pm
Good plan - rogan josh is usually made with lamb isn't it!I could be really lazy and just buy a simmer sauce!

davidt4, Jun 6, 11:11pm
Slice a couple of red onions and fry gently in butter or olive oil until golden brown.Add cooked potatoes, kumara or other root veges, sliced red capsicum, some black olives,some capers if you have them, a few tomatoes sliced.Heat gently and meanwhile cut the leftover lamb into small chunks.Add the lamb to the pan, plenty of salt and pepper, toss until the lamb is heated through.Serve hot with plenty of freshly chopped parsley or basil, accompany with a green salad.

This works very well with cooked chicken as well.

sarahb5, Jun 6, 11:21pm
Don't you hate it when you just have a mental block like that!

1buzemum, Jun 7, 6:51am
Slice thickly in a cassrole dish with onion pour over french onion soup with water and bake 150 for 30 min at least serve with mash spud and steamed veggies
this is my lazy night tea

punkinthefirst, Jun 7, 11:00am
Cold sliced lamb with a salad does it for me. or a curry, or make it into a proper pie.

biggles45, Jun 7, 7:04pm
Stir fry, just add the lamb at the last minute to warm through. Add about a tablespoon of black bean sauce and stir through when it is all cooked.

agave1, Jun 7, 8:53pm
Chop everything into bite sized pieces.Warm it all up in a frypan, add flour, then stock.Stir until thickened.Pastry in a dish, top and bottom.Roast lamb and vege pie!

kelly188, Jun 7, 8:55pm
this - aka fry up yum!

stefanie, Jun 7, 9:51pm
Like others, I put leftover roast meat into salads and also into clear soups (I usually have home made stock in the freezer) with noddles.
There is a left over dish I have mentioned in another thread (I got this from a German cooking book) where you slice the roast into about 1/2 cm pieces and put it into a batter (egg, flour and milk or water/or skip egg) and fry it. It's quite tasty.

sarahb5, Jun 7, 10:06pm
Rogan josh got the nod - kids aren't keen on salad at this time of year and I'm doing Weight Watchers so I try not to fry anything if I can.I just had a mental block because we all love roast lamb but just reheated on Monday is a bit "blah" - I love shepherd's pie but must keep the rest of the family happy too!

stefanie, Jun 7, 10:10pm
I see, luckily I don't have this problem (as in not having children). Rogan josh sounds better anyway.

sarahb5, Jun 7, 11:11pm
I learnt a long time ago that some things are worth fighting about but dinner isn't one of them - just not worth the grief so now we just have the dinners someone doesn't like when that person isn't home

stefanie, Jun 7, 11:34pm
I know what you mean. My father was a chef and had 3 children when aged 23. He really didn't know what children liked to eat and we got the weirdest stuff(I ate frog legs and snails before I was 4 years old). He got extremely upset, to put it nicely, if we didn't like it and pretty much made us eat it. When I was older I did appreciate his cooking though.

sarahb5, Jun 8, 2:06am
Children tend to have fairly simple tastes and one of mine, even at 17, would still prefer to eat his vegetables raw if he could!But as they've got older they've got more adventurous with their tastes so I have introduced different meals/flavours to the plan.None of the things I cook for dinner are particularly flash or difficult although I do experiment with a new recipe occasionally - so long as I know everyone likes/will eat what goes into it.We eat out a bit more now as well so they try different things then and I can sometimes introduce them to our plan too.

beaker59, Jun 8, 4:17am
Got a flashback on reading this of Brother in law who was a teen then who came out to dinner with us for engagement family dinner his first eating at resturant experience who ordered spagetti because he likes that (while waiting he said to me he hoped it was Watties as he preffered that over oak) you should have seen his face when it arrived.

As someone who has raised special needs kids food can be a battle worth fighting as it makes it so much easier for them later in life if they have a wider food palate to choose from, same for ordinary kids. There are subtle ways to achieve the goal though :)

sarahb5, Jun 8, 6:08am
Mine will eat most things and I'm happy with the way their palates are developing - of course they're still works in progress but I won't and never have got into fights over food with my children - they either eat what they're given or they don't - their choice.

tradefun3, Jun 9, 5:10am
next day roast lamb/beef here goes into fritters kids love them.

norse_westie, Jun 9, 7:30am
Left over roast lamb is usually used for sandwiches here for school lunch next day. Anything that survives longer is quickly devoured by the teenagers after arriving home - as is. There would never be enough left for another full dinner sadly.

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