Plum jam - do i need to skin as well as pip them?

angela120, Jan 22, 11:16pm
When making plum jam do I need to skin them as well as pip them!

davidt4, Jan 22, 11:18pm
Don't skin them.The skins have a lot of flavour.

cookessentials, Jan 23, 7:12pm
I do neither. I leave the skin on and the stones in.

globalwanderer, Jan 24, 4:10am
I agree, the best tasting plum jam has both skins and pips.

mottly, Jan 24, 4:17am
skin and stones in.yummo

2bakerz, Jan 24, 4:20am
I don't mind the stones either, but "himself" patiently halved all my plums and removed the stones!One way of getting his stone-free jam!But they stayed in for my stewed plums.Hope he does the same when I do apricots!

ansypansy1, Jan 24, 5:38am
If the plums are freestone, they can be de-stoned easily, but the clingstone varieties are almost impossible.
With the clingstone varieties I run a knife around them, and throw in the pot. (Count how many plums you put in)
Bring to boil and cook for a while. Let cool, then get in with your hands and removes the stones.
It's not as messy as it sounds.
If you know how many plums went in, you then know how many stones to look for.
Plum jam with the stones still in, tastes nice, but is dangerous for small children.

BTW, I was in the supermarket the other day, and saw they had JAM sugar for sale.

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