Plum Jam question

mk3zephyr, Jan 17, 7:52am
we got a couple of kilo of the plum tree today and tried to make some jam. We used that new Chelsea jam sugar and followed the instructions to the letter, Unfortunatly it has not set. Is there anything we can add to get it to set!, will mean putting it back into the pot but that is no biggie, Thanks

devikhichi, Jan 17, 7:57am
I use less sugar as I am diabetic so I always use jelly to help set it.

mk3zephyr, Jan 17, 8:00am
said on the packet to bring it to the boil for 5 minutes, looked at other recipe sites and the minimum seems to be 15, could that have something to do with it!

picxie, Jan 17, 8:31am
When I make jam I always boil the fruit and a little bit of water (say, 1kg fruit, half cup water) for 15min. Then add the juice of a lemon and 1kg sugar, bring to the boil, then boil for about 25min. I made cherry jam the other night with only 2/3rds sugar to cherries, which was nice, not too sweet like the plum jam I made. So I'm going to try only 750g sugar to 1kg fruit with my next batch.

I haven't used the jam sugar . seems very expensive and all the jams I've made have set fine with plain sugar. I've read that it's just a bit of a gimmick.

To get yours to set, just reboil it for longer. You can test to see if it's setting by putting a saucer in the freezer while you get it boiling, then when you think it's ready, put a tablespoon on the cold plate and put back in the freezer for a minute or two. Run your finger through it - if it is runny, it's not ready. If it gels a bit, it is probably ready. Just note that when it cools down, it will thicken even more, so the test plate will still be runnier than what it will end up like!

mk3zephyr, Jan 17, 8:41am
just read elsewhere that plums are very high in lectin so just add more suger, correct or just boil again for longer!, they said because they are high in lectin for every kilo of plums, use 1.5 of sugar

pheebs1, Jan 17, 9:52am
put it back in and cook for longer and if need be to taste requirements add some more sugar
ive had mine in the fridge not set and reboil no problem
and with plum jam you dont need anything other than ordinary sugar
weight for weight equal sugar to plums
so i cup plums use 1 cup sugar

if all else fails use it as plum sauce on your meats or syrup for icecream

pheebs1, Jan 17, 9:53am
yup definately 15

mk3zephyr, Jan 17, 10:01am
Thank you all, just went and reboiled it for 15minutes and has come out very well, had even gelled on the wooden spoon in the sink while i was filling the jars, Got another 2 plum trees loaded so we will inundated with plum jam lol. Never made it before so thats why i was curious, So easy isnt it and yes i wont be using that gimmick sugar again.

kaddiew, Jan 17, 10:04am
I made plum jam recently and used less sugar than the recipe stated because I prefer a tart jam. It probably took more than 30 mins boiling, but it did set well.

rainrain1, Jan 17, 5:40pm
tut tut tutalways test your jams by putting some on a saucer and placing it near an open window or somewhere to cool quickly.if a skin forms then it is ready for the jars, if not test again after a few minutes

lythande1, Jan 17, 5:59pm
You don't need special stuff. 50% sugar, 50% fruit and a spoon of lemon juice. Cook until it sets, test by putting a bit on a plate and waiting a bit then tip it. Runny - cook longer - set, well you're done. It's not hard and you don't need to buy extra stuff or special ingredients.

vomo2, Jan 18, 3:37am
put it in a bowl and microwave for a few minutes. Wont burn that way. Add lemon juice as well as it has pectin in it.

tehenga288, Jan 18, 9:35am
Yeah I used that jam sugar todayfor plum & also strawberry because both are low in pectin- workedout fine but I think it has a funny taste; still ok but I won't use again as I 've had just as much success with adding lemon juiceto the sugar & fruit & I think it tastes better too.

accroul, Jan 18, 8:26pm
I put a small amount of jam on a plate, allow it to cool for a few seconds then run my finger through it. If the channel made by my finger remains then it's done. Similarly, if the small amount of jam develops a skin on cooling, it's also supposed to be done.
Also, don't stop stirring like I did with my last lot of plum jam !

makespacenow, Jan 19, 12:47am
Use a bit of pectin

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