Anyone familiar with Dutch food/cooking?

sminx, Mar 29, 10:33pm
I want to make my Dutch father in law a Dutch meal for his 70th birthday. Does anyone have any ideas? :)

margyr, Mar 29, 11:19pm
hi, there are a few Dutch people that post in general, perhaps put this there as well.

daleaway, Mar 30, 12:16am
An easy one is uitsmijters (pronounced, more or less, "out smite- ers". It means chucker-outs or bouncers - to get people to leave! ).

Cold meat, or cold ham, or slices of cheese on buttered slices of bread. Two or three. Top with fried or poached eggs. Surround with a little salad (lettuce, tomato, potato salad or Russian salad) and most importantly, pickled gherkins.

There are many Dutch recipe sites on the web.

dilligaf_dah, Mar 30, 3:20am
stumport. Mashed potatoe with spinach and apple mixed together Peel a pot full of potatoes and a lare apple. bring to boil. boil till cooked. drain add a packet of spianch chopped tpe into the suacepan add milk and butter mix slightly add potatoes and mash. serve with rockworst. (Round dutch sausage ) which you boil in seperate pot or kransky sausages both are availabe from your supermarket, The kransky sausages are boiled also.

dilligaf_dah, Mar 31, 1:52am
Have just listed m spare dutch cook book.

1buzemum, Mar 31, 9:17am
Yum havn't had that for years,

My fav is dutch potatoe salad, boil potatoe and mash with mayo and tin corned beef, mound on lettuce leave to cool and decorate with cheese, pickel onions-gurkins, pineapple, egg (and anything else you fancy) I have started to serve it on little lettuce leaves as a single serve wit pickels over top

dbab, Mar 31, 10:11pm
1buzemum, my Mummade that a lot too. My kids absolutely detested it and still ask for it (tongue in cheek) every Xmas. LOL
She also used to make Zult(sp? ) which was brawn, and black pudding when Dad killed pigs on the farm.

dilligaf_dah, Apr 1, 2:32am
My dad was a dutch pastry cook yummy we got spoilt rotten and mum was a fantastic dutch cook. All these dutch recipes make me yearn for more dutch food. Even my granchildren still love sutch cooking and baking.

1buzemum, Apr 1, 8:49am
I know what you mean with Zult (just don't know spelling and my cook book is in a box we are moving) We use to "love" it when we were kids my uncle would make it special for us ... . . untill we saw him make it ... . never eaten it since, ! !

jaxma, Apr 2, 10:13am
Mmmmm hashee with mashed potatoe ...

elliehen, Apr 2, 11:20am
This is not a meal, but these Dutch donuts are always popular in the markets.

donnabeth, Apr 3, 3:42am

1 bay leaf and 1 packet of split peas soaked in 1. 5L hot water until soft(about 2 hours)
! bacon or ham hock, 2 onions, 1 cup chopped celery stalks, 1/2C chopped celery leaves. 2 large leeks 1 rookworst.

Add bacon hock and veges to the peas and boil gently a couple of hours. Remove the bay leaf. Add the leeks slicedinto rings and cook another hour.

Remove the hock, chop up the meat and return to the pot. Add a whole rookworst and cook very slowly without boiling another 20 minutes.

Tastes even better teh next day. Dad can make this so it can be cut with a knife.

donnabeth, Apr 3, 3:43am
Green beans.

When ready to serve douse them in butter and sprinkle generously with nutmeg.

donnabeth, Dec 27, 9:09pm

Roll out flakey pastry thickly, cut into rectangles or triagles and bake. When cool, split, fill with whipped cream or custard and ice the tops.

This is what Mum called tompezen, but I've had them elsewhere and they've been what we call eclairs.

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