What is the recommended cooking oil

yddac, Dec 14, 10:39am
to use for cooking chips in a chip cooker. Sorry if this has already been asked.

cgvl, Dec 14, 10:55am
I just use a generic salad and cooking oil. Some prefer to use the likes of chefade depends on what you like I suppose.

yddac, Dec 14, 10:32pm
Thanks cgvl. Anybody else got any other preferences.

richard198, Dec 14, 10:38pm
If you want flavour, use beef dripping!

kiwicarol, Dec 14, 10:56pm
I use canola oil

jennie5963, Dec 15, 1:55am

fisher, Dec 15, 3:10am
Was using canola.now chefade.

elliehen, Dec 15, 6:13am
fisher, if you're still around, why did you switch!If you don't mind saying.

shop-a-holic, Dec 15, 8:18am
Chefade and Beef Dripping are saturated fats; not cooking oil.
If you're looking for oil with no flavour; enhancing food flavour, then I cant go past Rice Bran Oil.

perle, Dec 15, 10:13am
I use rice bran oil, by far the best and worth paying extra for

seniorbones, Dec 15, 10:14am
I buy in the tin now - better value and use for nearly everything.

taurushat, Dec 15, 10:23am
Only oil I use is Rice Bran - it's got a high smoke point, so great for deep frying and stir fries, a lovely bland oil so you taste the food not the oil.

yddac, Dec 19, 8:26am
Fisher, like elliehen I'd also like to know why you changed please.

fisher, Dec 20, 6:00am
Rancid canola oil versus saturated fat.hmmmmKathy complained of swollen eyes and breathing difficulties when using canola. .research showed canola was not the miracle oil it was claimed to be.Don't use the deep fryer often (used it in restaurant with chefade)As long as it is "hot",it's fine with a better flavour.

uli, Dec 20, 6:03am
Beef dripping for really deep frying
coconut oil for low level fat frying (frypan)

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