Whats my banana cake without b/soda &milk

gerry64, Dec 6, 4:30am
going to turn out- went to put the measuring cup in the sink - milk everywhere except in the cake!

245sam, Dec 6, 4:43am
gerry64, my guess is that your cake will be drier than normal - no milk :-(( and lighter in colour - no baking soda :-(( and it may not rise as much.
If you're not happy with serving it as cake, I suggest that you cut it into portions and top each portion with chocolate custard / sauce and serve it with icecream, cream or yoghurt for dessert.:-))

gerry64, Dec 6, 4:48am
yep - its going to be a camoflage desert !

kassie48, Dec 6, 6:18am
Hot runny custard/cream disguises mishaps.

gerry64, Dec 6, 6:27am
it really does make a huge difference to the flavour - it tastes like a slab banana cake from the supermarket!

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