Baking soda question ...

darlingmole, Sep 9, 2:34am
why do I have to put baking soda in my banana cake mixture (along with a few other recipes that contain fruit) when there is already baking powder in it which is supposedly the agent that keeps it altogether?I hate the fizzy taste in the baking.All/any ideas most appreciated

cookessentials, Sep 9, 2:56am
All I know is that it produces carbon dioxide which helps make a light cake and helps it to rise.

fiddles3, Sep 9, 2:58am
It shouldn't be fizzy! Push through a fine sieve, so no lumps

cookessentials, Sep 9, 2:59am
Which recipe do you use? perhaps there is too much in it as i cannot say i have ever tasted the soda in the banana cakes I make.

darlingmole, Sep 9, 3:01am
The 1 tsp of baking soda is dissolved in 2 T of boiling milk.The cakes always turn out well it's just I can taste the soda for some reason?

buzzy110, Sep 9, 3:04am
Do you use level or heaped measurements?

jack47, Sep 9, 3:18am
It also makes for a nice dark colour, hence using on banana or carrot cake otherwise the cake can be quite pale, if as suggested you dissolve in warm milk first it should not be fizzy.

cookessentials, Sep 9, 3:19am
You may just be more sensitive to the taste.

daisyk, Sep 9, 4:18am
I always understood that the baking soda was used, especially in banana cakes, so that the banana seeds would show up black, adding to the attractiveness of the cake.

indy95, Sep 9, 8:37pm
I haven't put baking soda in banana cakes for years as I can't really see any need for it to be there and don't want the cakes to be dark.

uli, Mar 7, 5:14pm
Eating bananas have no seeds - you would notice them - they are about 2cm across!