What does baking soda do?

shaanpi, Aug 2, 2:51am
Hi just curious on what this ingredient does in baking. I don't like the taste of it and it is almost always used in cakes. It'll be interesting to know what it does. Thanks.

bluecalico, Aug 2, 3:58am
It is a raising agent and it gives a darker colour too. Dissolve it in some liquid if you don't like the taste eg. milk etc.

loren8, Aug 2, 4:01am
I made home made Hokey Pokey Icecream on the weekend, and I was amazed what happened when I added the baking soda lol... . I boiled 2 tbls of sugar and 2 tbls golden syrup for 5 min on a low heat... added 1 tsp of baking soda and voilia ! ! ! Hokey Pokey, it was very neat :)

petal1955, Aug 2, 4:04am
Baking soda rubbed on meat... tenderises it... ... wipe off before cooking... . apparently is used a lot in the chinese takeaways...

michelle313, Aug 2, 4:05am
It's a leavening agent. It reacts with other components to release carbon dioxide, that helps dough "rise".

michelle313, Aug 2, 4:07am
http://www.joyofbaking.com/bakingsoda.htmlHere is some reading for you.

deus701, Aug 2, 4:57am
for choc cake, b. soda makes the coco colour darker n more vibrant.
If you don't like the taste, you can add more 'balance' ingredients to neutralise out the taste eg buttermilk. Some recipes uses b. powder & b. soda as b. soda gives lift before you put your cake, etc in the oven n b. powder takes over when its in the oven.

shaanpi, Aug 2, 5:00am
I knew the clever cookies on this thread would be able to answer my question. Thanks michelle for the link I did try to google it but was unsuccessful. (came up with heaps of uses for bi carb from toothpaste to using as a cleaning agent, also handy to know) Loren yummy hokey pokey sounds like you had fun hehe must give it ago. Thanks for the tip blue, will try that next time very useful. Also used as a meat tenderiser cool petal good to know. Thanks everyone! !

shaanpi, Aug 2, 5:05am
Buttermilk, ok would like to try that out too. Thanks

deus701, Aug 2, 5:07am
You can also try brown sugar, golden syrup, spices, honey. Usually buttermilk & brown sugar is used to neutralise the taste.

shaanpi, Dec 20, 1:41am
Look forward to trying these out thanks deus.