Need help with baking soda taste in steam pudding

matt-wgtn, May 14, 5:08am

I use the steam fruit pudding recipe (out of the Joan Hill? green crockpot recipe book) but my husband tells me it has a baking soda taste.

The recipe calls for 2 t baking soda. How could I avoid this? It is all properly mixed so that isn't this issue.

Tips gratefully received

bisloy, May 14, 5:13am
Mix the baking soda into the milk or water, making sure it is all dissolved before adding to the mix.

matt-wgtn, May 14, 5:52am
Lovely, thanks Bisloy. I'll try that now

lindi4, May 14, 7:59am
I find. . not to used heaped spoons but very level.

diana96, May 2, 4:01pm
mix it with warm milk first then add to the mix, even if there is no milk in the receipe.