Baking soda.

cautis, Nov 21, 6:27pm
I use it a lot for cleaning and baking and normally buy the 400g box at the supermarket.Is there somewhere I can buy more?Like bulk but not too bulk cos it might be too expensive.

I guess I'd like to buy 1kg at a time but I'm not prepared to pay more than what I would pay at the supermarket for the same amount.If it's $2 for the 400g, then I don't want to pay more than $5 for 1kg.If I have to I will just buy a few little boxes at a time, but really don't want a lot hanging round lol.

Will be back later for any replies.Thanks.

jessie981, Nov 21, 7:23pm
Do you have bulk food shops where you are. In Christchurch we have Bin Inn

bisloy, Nov 21, 7:25pm
Toops/gilmours. Those little packets are very frustrating

glenj, Nov 21, 7:30pm
Try swimming pool supplies. I think from memory it is used with salt filter systems.

cautis, Nov 22, 6:46am
Apparently our Gilmours only let you shop there if you are registered with them as a company (was told this by someone who is).

I will look at Bin Inn tomorrow and compare prices.

cookessentials, Nov 22, 7:03am

cookessentials, Nov 22, 7:05am

scroll down this page and you will see the bulk baking soda 10kg at $27 plus freight. There is an 0800 number there so you can make a credit card payment over the phone.

kamitchell, Nov 22, 7:06am
I get our baking soda in 5kg bags at Gilmours for $7 approx

cautis, Nov 22, 7:40am
Ooh!That sounds good!Might have a chat to the lady I know and see if she can get some.

duckmoon, Nov 22, 8:01am
I have purchased 3kg from Moore Wilsons Wellington.
I think it was around $6

mackenzie2, Nov 22, 6:07pm
I have a cash account at Trents, they do not have a problem with it, I am not a regular customer, I also have a cash account at Bidvest, Nov 22, 11:02pm
Great thread, thanks.I didn't know Moore Wilsons even had such big packs (though lets face it, I should have known) - will get some.

tasmum, Nov 23, 2:20am
look up trader: sudsy_stuff. They sell large quantities also.

eastie3, Aug 28, 6:52pm
Go into the grocery dept which is on the ground floor across from the Fresh section and have a look in there.