Oh No I Forgot The Baking Soda...

deanocam, Oct 31, 10:30pm
In my Christmas Cake..... Its been in the oven for an hour now....

harrislucinda, Oct 31, 10:31pm
christmascakesdontrisemuchsowith outityoustillwillbeok

cgvl, Nov 1, 1:59am
so long as it has baking powder in it, it will be fine. Baking soda in fruit cakes is often used to make them darker in colour, rather than as a rising agent.

jonoandstacey, Nov 1, 2:35am
And if you whipped the butter and sugar and mixed throughly between adding your eggs I reckon you'll be fine. I made mine this morning and it only had 1/4 of a teaspoon of BP in.

badams1, Jul 6, 11:18pm
It must be christmas cake baking day. I made three today also.baking soda.only colours,the cake,if you have bp in your mix,it will be fine.