Soda stream bottles, can you substitute others for

wilson16, Aug 7, 10:28pm
these or are they the only ones that fit?

Outrageous price to pay for new ones.

kob, Aug 8, 7:15pm
try second hand shops or the sallys they usually have them or on here, once sterilised they are good as new

beaker59, Aug 9, 12:14am
Don't know how he did it but my brother rigged up a plastic cap on a soda stream probe then he was able to take 1litre coke bottles and make soda in them was very effective.

southerngurl, Aug 9, 3:14am
as long as you can find something with the same sized neck and threading you'll be fine...

wilson16, Jan 9, 4:46pm
Thanks everyone for that. Been looking to buy a second hand unit on here for a while, but often they have no bottles.

But that's ok, I can be patient until something comes along.