Are Washing Soda & Washing Soda Crystals

suie1, Jun 6, 10:26pm
the same thing? Thanks

245sam, Jun 6, 10:29pm
suie1, yes I believe so - have a look at:-


suie1, Jun 6, 10:35pm
Thankyou, do you know if I need to grind it up to use in a recipe for dishwash powder? It says in the recipe to use food processor to mix, this may be why? But my Food Processor is broken.

245sam, Jun 6, 11:05pm
suie1, I remember quite some time ago seeing Lyn Webster making Laundry Powder and Dishwashing Powder on the Good Morning show. I recall that she definitely made the Laundry Powder in a food processor and I'm almost 100% certain that she also used the food processor for the Dishwashing Powder, otherwise it wouldn't be a powder. :-))

daezar, Jul 29, 3:57pm
Both are the same. We used to use the washing crystals to remove the slime off eels. Now days I use it in washing machine once a month on warm wash to clean out the tub and hose lines.