Got jars of last years Grape Jelly

rog.e, Mar 28, 12:37am
left, as it didn't set very well. Quite runny in fact.

I was about to tip it all out but decided to ask here first.
I'd like to have some ideas to useat least some of it up please.

I can only think of it in a gravy.

Hopefully some suggestions will be forthcoming for which I thank you.

winnie231, Mar 28, 1:00am
Warm it up & use as a sauce on a spongy pud ... with lashings of cream too ofcourse!

rog.e, Mar 28, 1:07am
Never thought of that - thankswinnie231

Pleased I thought twice about throwing it.

rog.e, Mar 28, 1:09am
Grape goes well with duck does it not? I don't usually eat duck but I could if I thought it would be delicious.

whitehead., Mar 28, 1:19am
you can add it to any pickle that your making if you think of it as sugar and work on about half and half sugar and jam . dont waste it by throwing it out

lilyfield, Mar 28, 1:33am
heat it up- dilute with water, and drink it, dash of rum- lovely in the winter

winnie231, Mar 28, 2:00am
Or bake fruit like apples & pears in the oven then use the warm jelly as a sauce for those ... along with cream :)

winnie231, Mar 28, 2:01am
I think it would be nice with the duck too Val.
Or something like apricot chicken ... but using your grape jelly & some dried fruit.

rog.e, Mar 28, 2:23am
Thanks for these ideas.

Any dessert ideas floating around? Apart from the great hot steamed pud idea from Rae!

winnie231, Mar 28, 2:32am
There's my baked fruit one too Val ...
And how about something like golden syrup dumplings but with grape jelly.
Or heating it with cloves or cinnamon or star anise or ... and pouring over vanilla icecream.

winnie231, Mar 28, 2:40am
Or layer it in cocktail glasses with fresh grapes & mascapone or yoghurt ...
Anyone would think I have a sweet tooth ;)

daleaway, Mar 28, 2:54am
I put it in apple pies - lightly cook the apple first then drain off the juice (and use it for something else ). Then spoon over the grape jelly before adding the pastry top. Lovely flavour.
Or you could try diluting the grape jelly further and treating it as a syrup eg by re-boiling it and adding more water. We have just been making some grape syrup to use as a cordial with plain soda or lemonade.

juliewn, Mar 28, 2:56am
Use in place of some of the liquid in muffins. . reduce sugar to adjust for sweetness in the jelly.

terraalba, Mar 28, 4:05am
I sometimes use old jaminstead the sugar in a quick microwave cakey desert.

indy95, Mar 28, 9:08pm
You can combine it with berries and use as the base of a sponge pudding, or in a shortcake, or as a sauce over ice cream or with yoghurt.

rog.e, Dec 13, 10:52am
Again, thank you!

And to think I almost threw out my jelly.
*Shakes head in wonder*