Moccona Jars

moetus, Nov 23, 3:57am
Hi to you all ,have a friend who has lots ofthese jars was askingcan they be used forjam, relish etc .Thanking you .Maureen.

eastie3, Nov 23, 4:55am
My friend makes mustard pickle (chow chow) in Moccona jars and it's fine.We drink Moccona but I never use my jars for the jam/marmalade or relishes and chutneys that I make.Instead I keep them as storage jars in the pantry.

alebix, Nov 23, 5:37am
They can be but be careful when sealing it as you cant boil the lid orput it in the oven to get it real hot as the rubber around the lid will fall off.

gardie, Nov 23, 8:06am
They are lovely for little truffles and the like.Remove the plastic insert from the lid and pop in some glittery stars ($2 shop) and then put the plastic bit back in.They are sealed inside the lid.Tie a silver/gold ribbon around the top (to match the stars).They look lovely - great for teachers, colleagues, etc.

hap-e, Nov 23, 7:21pm
I found the jars leave behind a strong scent

smileeah, Nov 23, 9:07pm
Yes a very strong coffee aroma. There must be a way to get rid of that though? Anyone?
Gardie, that is a brilliant idea. I love it!

bisloy, Nov 24, 12:05am
I have heaps of the 200g jars if anyone wants them in the 'Naki

kaluhanz1, Nov 24, 3:48am
I put mine thru the dishwasher
and have not had a scent problem

rainrain1, Nov 24, 5:20am
they don't seal, no I wouldn't use them for jam or relish

rainrain1, Sep 1, 12:11am
unless you use a celophane top and a rubber band