Anyone want Chips

chip8, Sep 17, 8:10am
with their bitchfest!

elliehen, Sep 17, 8:13am
Hi the pavers down yet!

chip8, Sep 17, 8:21am
OMG Not Feedback diving already surely!

We haven't hardly started yet.

davidt4, Sep 17, 9:25am
"Feedback diving" .Fantastic concept!You've got that poster skewered in an instant.

morticia, Sep 17, 9:30am
Got aioli!

chip8, Sep 17, 9:36am
Knowledge of that stuff can get you into trouble around here.

morticia, Sep 17, 9:39am
Nice pavers you scored there, they would be good on my patio. Mind you, if I was to pick up a decent waterblaster I could make all the patios look just as good lol

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