whats the secret to a good scone?????????????

her.n.him, Mar 23, 8:04am
please help

rayna4, Mar 23, 8:07am
don't mix too much or dough gets dense and tough

glendeb, Mar 23, 8:12am
The recipes with egg "seem" to be lighter and fluffier.

But as rayna4 says mixing too much is a no-no

turtlet, Mar 23, 8:21am
cold butter and not mixing too much as above

elliehen, Mar 23, 8:30am
I agree with the other posters. Older recipe books sometimes say in the method, 'Handle nicely. ' And it's best if the cold butter is not rubbed in to the flour with warm hands, or it melts. I use a grater to grate the cold butter into the flour and when the milk is added, mix everything quickly with a flat-bladed knife. Don't knead the dough, but just pat it out lightly. Speed is good :)

splitty, Mar 23, 8:42am
using high grade flour rather than plain flour and using a food processor to cut in the flour works for me

tdtwo, Mar 23, 9:08am
use sour cream instead milk

cookessentials, Mar 23, 9:14am
I grate very cold butter into the dry mix. I alwyas mix lightly, enough to combine and I use buttermilk which gives a lovely light scone that stays soft, even the next day.

neece, Mar 23, 9:24am
You should try this recipe - fail proof and scones are lovely and light. Large batch - I freeze half, and when required just re-heat oven, put them on tray frozen, and they are just as good as when first cooked.
4 cups Self Raising Flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, Can (300ml) lemonade, 300ml cream.
Combine all ingredients - mixture should not be too dry. Roll out on floured board and cut to required shapes. LET STAND for 10 minuites, then bake on a greased or floured oven tray for approx
10 mins at 200 deg. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.

fifie, Mar 23, 9:25am
As others have said, Work quickly Mix, turn onto a floured board, pat out don't handle the dough to much, cut into shapes, put on a hot tray just touching, Bake hot oven, remove from the oven stack on 1/2 clean towel, flip other half over them to cover to keep moist while cooling, Perfect every time. .

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 23, 10:03am
Definately Buttermilk makes a beautiful light scone and it can be frozen, I freeze mine in 1 cup quantities so I can thaw out one portion at a time.

deb8888, Mar 23, 10:26am
I guess i make scones a little differently to others... I heat up my milk + butter + sugar in the same bowl in the microwave until warm and add them straight into the flour +BP + cheese works perfectly every time. Form a fairly wet mixture, turn over no more than a dozen times with a knife and place in a hot oven 200fh. I have been doing this for 40 years and have never had a failure and people rave about them. . give it a try

subo, Mar 26, 7:59pm
You may like to do a search for my IDIOT PROOF SCONES... A Thankyou. Lots of people have tried it and there are heaps of great ideas that they have added to the basic recipe.

maynard9, Dec 7, 5:59pm
Mix them as if the visitors are walking up your driveway - quick and light.

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