Fish Pie - using fresh fillets

deez12, Aug 8, 1:58am
Can I use fresh snapper fillets to make my fish pie!I've only every made it with smoked fish in a white sauce.Help.Sick of battered fish, crumbed fish lol.

lavender32, Aug 8, 2:07am
Yes of course you can.I use maggie cream of fish coup mix with milk to make my sauce.Its is so tasty.I also steam the fish first.

carriebradshaw, Aug 8, 4:14am
I use a mixture of fresh fish and tinned smoked fish in my fish pie.

flower-child01, Aug 9, 7:31am
My recipe gives good details on how to use fresh fish fillets. It is my preferred way, I have not made a smoked fish pie in years.

rozke, Aug 9, 11:43am
l place fresh fish fillets in casserole dish . make enough cheese sauce to cover with seasoning place on top fresh breadcrumbs with dots of butter over it.Cook med oven approx 30 to 40 mins until crumbs are golden and fish is cooked

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