Stuffed heart

howzithangn, Aug 4, 6:04am
whats the best was to stuff my cows(beast) heart simple and yummy

suz71, Aug 4, 6:39am
my mother used to stuff sheeps hearts and cook in pressure cooker try a crock pot and packet stuffung should be nice

donnabeth, Aug 5, 4:14am
I use the same recipe stuffing as I do for chicken. Use scissors to remove the tough tissues, stuff then brown all over in frypan.

suz71, the crock pot method is delicious. The pressure cooker tends to squeeze out all the stuffing.

motorbo, Aug 5, 4:33am
leaves thread feeling sick

howzithangn, Aug 5, 8:17am
haha harden up

wasgonna, Aug 5, 8:43am
Stuffed sheep's heart was my most favourite treat as a kid. Even they were a luxury when we lived on virtually nothing. Mum probably went without something to buy them. Pity I didn't appreciate it more.

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