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kay141, May 22, 7:25am
The steam makes the tops and bottoms soft and will keep them warmer as well. If you want crisp tops, don't wrap. I cover pikelets as well. Stops them getting cold and they seem to be tougher cold.

motorbo, May 22, 7:28am
when i used to make soup and scones on a sunday when my son was young YES, why i dunno cos my mum did, kinda kept them warm without them sweating and i would then pop them on the table .and we usually had a nice bacon hock and vege soup with.hmmmyummmmmmm

lurtz, May 22, 7:43am
Yes, and I also do the twenty four hours, tin upside down coolingwithin a towel for Christmas cakes or rich fruit cakes. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but it's all part of the mystique, and the family then know I've made an effort:-)

kinna54, May 22, 11:18am
Yes definitely.

rainrain1, May 22, 9:58pm
In the colander lolthat's kind of funny, I supposeto let the steam escape out the bottom. I use a teatowel on a cake rack. Mine are always like rock the next day though, (my husband likes to drop a scone onto his plate and tap his knife on the table at the same time pretending it was the scone that made the noise, he's been doing it for years I kid you not lol),so hard scones getheated in microwave if they don't make it to the freezer.Or my lucky fowlhouse moviestar residents get the leftovers

uke17, May 22, 10:50pm
Yes, I still do, for the same reasons Granny Pam gives.I was told this by my Mum, she was taught by her Mum (which takes us back to early last century)

daleaway, May 23, 12:17am
Yes, wrapped in a clean tea towel in a colander. Tea towel stops them drying out and colander keeps in most of the heat while stopping the moisture from pooling at the bottom. Granny's practice.
Ways of making scones stay softer include adding more fat to the mix, and adding yoghurt to the mixing milk.

esther-anne, May 23, 1:32am
Nope - never.I like my scones - particular cheese ones, to be very crispy on top!

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