yodagirl, Mar 13, 2:00am
After a fish pie recipe that has a pastry base. TIA

jessie981, Mar 13, 2:26am

500gr salmon or tuna, drained & flaked
2c milk
2TBSPs butter
2TBSPs flour
1 oxo cube
1tsp worcester sauce
2TBSPs chopped parsley
salt & pepper
This recipe says unsweetend shortcrust)

Make a white sauce by melting butter, crumble oxo cube with flour & stir in. Add hot milk & stir until boiling. Simmer 5 mins. Add other seasonings then fish. Line your tin with pastry & add fish. Bake @ 215

jessie981, Mar 13, 2:42am

artspacesw, Mar 13, 2:51am
Baked Fish Pie Alaska

Prepare the heads of 6 Patagonian Tooth Fish by marinating for 2 hours in beer. Line a 15cm tin with sweet short pastry and add the caramelised walnuts and raisins. Then add a thick layer of the tomato sauce and condensed milk. Arrange the fish heads facing upwards into the pie in a circle, their mouths should meet at the top. Whisk the eggs, cranberries and pesto until peaks form. Place mixture around the heads, mouths should be showing. Sprinkle with choc melts and bake for 10 mins at 250C.

daleaway, Mar 13, 3:13am
I use the same recipe, artspace, except replacing chocolate melts with pineapple chunks for a tropical twist.
A piquant variation is whole chillis in the fishe's mouths with afterdinner mints on top. Quite a kick in this one.

artspacesw, Mar 13, 3:28am
that sounds yum.
Mr Artspace's favorite is green olive stuffed with half-exposed nestling sparrow in the fishe's mouth (they go crispy), but we save that for special occasions.

unknowndisorder, Mar 13, 3:38am
When posting these yummy Trade-Me Cooks recipes, can you please put quantities for those of us not so experienced.
How many cranberries and other stuff (darn it, forgot what other goodies were in thiss great sounding fish head pie) ;) Walnuts?
Could I put a pack of marshmallows in it as well? I prefer the pink ones but think maybe the white ones would work also? (let's not be greedy and do the smaller than family-size pack).
Cheers muchly :)

kirinesha, Mar 13, 3:41am
I make this one too, but add a large handful of seaslugs and chopped seaweed.

artspacesw, Mar 13, 3:52am
Sorry, I was out birdwatching and checking my pineapples. Measurements are really just a jiggle, fish head in one hand, walnuts, cranberries etc in the other until they balance. It really does depend on the size of the fish. Marshmallows, seaslugs - anything can work really well, it's a very adaptable recipe. I did forget to say just don't forget to baste the little birdy heads and wings if you want really crispy.

daleaway, Mar 13, 3:58am
We generally find 1. 5 kilos of cranberries to be sufficient.
Walnuts are nice but can be substituted with macadamias or pistachios if you are in funds - or peanuts or sheep nuts if you are on an economy drive. 1 and 1/3 cups.
The marshmallows are a good piece of creative thinking - why not go the whole hog and slice in some lolly cake? Then you'd get your marshmallow fix and so much more besides...

artspacesw, Mar 13, 4:04am
Do you ever accompany yours with a sauce?

daleaway, Mar 13, 4:09am
Packet custard if needed, but it's usually moist enough to get away with a boysenberry couli.

artspacesw, Oct 27, 1:59am
Divine, don't you just love classic French cooking, I do.