Why does bread stick to the baking paper?

mazzy1, Feb 19, 4:16am
i just made two loaves of gorgeous-looking (and not bad tasting) bread in loaf tins lined with baking paper. The bread now seems to be welded onto the paper - where did I go wrong? Are you supposed to spray the pans first?

uli, Feb 19, 4:19am
Bad cheap baking paper.

griffo4, Feb 19, 4:20am
lf you use the ones marked baking paper you shouldn't have problems

mazzy1, Feb 19, 4:39am
Yep - I think you could be right, Uli. Some crappy signature stuff from the supermarket. In the bin it goes!

elliehen, Feb 19, 4:56am
Not in the bin!Make it lunch-wrap paper :)

mazzy1, Feb 19, 6:45am
That's what Gladwrap is for! I have just torn all the paper off the loaves, together with half of the bread; I can't even give what's left to the birds. Bloody annoying. Oh well - caveat emptor, as they say.

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