Whats the best cake to make

eskbaby2, Jan 30, 9:38pm
3d birthday cakes i will be backing and cutting to shape

rosathemad, Jan 30, 10:39pm
I prefer mud cake for this - it's so dense I find it quite easy to carve. My mud cake recipe is here: http://www.mrscake.co.nz/2010/11/chocolate-mud-cake.html - but any mud cake that is truly mud cake (i.e dense and moist) should work well.

It is possible to carve normal cakes (so long as they're not too crumbly) and I have done 3D ones with my normal chocolate cake, but definitely prefer mud cake. :-)

r-mvz, Jan 30, 10:44pm
Recommend you buy a slab cakes from the supermarket.Cut the shape out and freeze the cake.Ice your cake whilst still frozen to eliminate the crumbs.Use Vienna Cream icing. Excess bits of cake that are left from cutting out the desired shape you then can turn into truffles.

nzhel, Jan 30, 11:14pm
I always use bought packet cake mix and have great success with them. Its the only time I ever use them and usually just get a plain madeira flavour. Plain chocolate could be nice too.
Good luck!

buzzy110, Jan 30, 11:30pm
Yes. I would buy the cake to use as a base and make another eating cake which can be left in the kitchen and served up instead of the birthday cake. In the past I have found that decorated cakes are so vile to eat that I was always happier doing it that way.

mkbooks, Jan 31, 3:05am
3 year olds don't like or eat thick cake, or too intense flavours. Buy a sponge at Pak n Save, iceit + put pebbles + choc buttons on + a big 3 candle.
Have also made ice cream cakes for that age-push commercial ice cream into shapes/tins to get basic shape-eg heart shaped cake tin for butterfly wings. or Miss Piggy/ round sponge tins X2 for teddy bear with choc wheaten ears,paws/choc chips over for fur- + just serve with cones

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