Pistachio flour - where to buy?

Does anyone know where one would be to purchase pistachio flour from? Thanks!

Chef_rachsta, Jan 7, 12:54 pm

No - but how about buying the pistachios and then "flouring" them in your food processor?

Chef_uli, Jan 7, 1:08 pm

I'm not sure that the food processor is up to that. It doesn't seem to be able to grind things as fine as a coffee grinder can and definitely not fine enough to produce flour. It certainly won't turn sugar in icing sugar. I have tried in the past. Maybe pistachios will prove different as they are not so crunchy as other nuts.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 7, 1:15 pm

Maybe enquiry here: http://www.belmondo.co.nz/

They are a local Tauranga shop but also sell online - if they don't have it listed online, they may be able to help you source it. have found them pretty helpful myself..

Chef_ant_sonja, Jan 7, 1:19 pm

Try a coffee grinder, it should work OK.I always grind all my nuts in mine, never use it for coffee beans. Almonds are almost a powder when done like this so pistachio should give the same result.

Chef_nauru, Jan 7, 7:24 pm

FYI #3 yes you can ground it into flour. Just depends on your food processor. I have the magic bullet and it works wonder

Chef_guest, Oct 20, 8:08 pm