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mazzy1, Nov 13, 8:00am
I just made your Chocolate Yoghurt Banana cake, and it was so completely divine and perfect, enjoyed under a Central Otago sunset, that I urge you to try it too!
*Banana Chocolate Yogurt Cake
2 cups sugar, 200g butter or marg, 3 cups self raising flour, 2 eggs, 2 tsp baking soda, 1 cup boiling water, 1 cup plain yogurt, 1 ½ tsp vanilla essence, 2 mashed bananas, ½ cup cocoa, ¼ tsp salt. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Turn mixture in to medium roasting dish and bake at 180C for an hour. That’s it. Note, I pour the boiling water over the butter/marg to melt it. You don’t have to use plain yogurt. I have used fruit flavoured and it is lovely. I have also left out the cocoa altogether and not replaced it with anything. Bananas can be replaced with other soft fruit. So there you go. Very versatile. It will work fine in two smaller cake tins or even as muffins.* In my oven it took an hour and 10 minutes.*

darkraven1, Nov 13, 9:58pm
Sounds really nice....I often do a banana cake and put blueberries in it which makes it nice an moist.Will try your recipe.

evorotorua, Nov 14, 1:18am
Wow, how exciting to see my name up in lights!!!! Thank you for saying it was good. I love it too. You've made my day!!

seniorbones, Nov 14, 2:20am
ooo got to make this one...I took bananas out of the freezer and have everything else except the eggs!! better go and check if the chooks have laid more today. Hubby ate what we had left for brekkie this morning although I sometimes buy eggs for baking as the fresh ones are too delicous to use but dont even have supermarket ones! might have be an indian giver and ask the neighbour for a couple of my eggs back! and I have the best chocolate ever bought from cookessentials..its worth the extra cost its like powdered chocolate rather than cocoa.

evorotorua, Nov 14, 4:36am
that chocolate is probably too good for this recipe seniorbones. I have always used a supermarket cocoa and the flavour is fine in this instance. I will be interested to see if it makes a difference though. the cake is already very nice.

seniorbones, Nov 15, 3:50am
In the oven now...the mix taste so yummy (yes I licked the beater!!) I just love a real chocolaty flavour rather than cocoa and it is decadent but so much nicer, if it was just for children I probably wouldnt use it but seeing as I'm eating it I did. It makes a lovely big cake so will probably send 1/2 to hubby's work for the men...in that case it probably was a waste they wouldnt know the difference!!

seniorbones, Nov 15, 4:04am
oho its rising very high hope it doesnt overflow..I put it in a medium meat dish maybe I should have made a few muffins with it so e wasnt so much mixture in the pan. Smells delicous too

geldof, Nov 15, 4:30am
Just made this cake for Mr8's birthday.Cut it in half spread with whipped cream and sliced bananas top half on then more cream and sprinkled with cocoa.will serve with chocolate sauce.looking good, if more than a little bit unhealthy.
Huge cake.enough to send to school tomorrow.

evorotorua, Nov 15, 6:50am
I hope it didn't overflow seniorbones. That would be a waste! I got this recipe from an international Kiwanis newsletter many years ago and it has served me well for many different occassions. I am pleased you are all enjoying it too. You can cut down on the sugar and butter. The recipe doesn't seem to be too different when I run out of ingredients.

seniorbones, Nov 15, 10:46pm
no it didnt overflow and its devine. Makes a lovely big cake hubby took half to work. Great for a birthday cake, I often do cut the sugar in half as sometimes too sweet or someone maybe diabetic and doesnt seem to make any difference, didint do this yesterday and its not too sweet just beautiful light and chocolateeee.

seniorbones, Nov 15, 10:48pm
Actually I just realised its not too bananaree maybe its because of the rich chocolate powder I used, that would add sweetness too. Maybe next time I will cut down the cocoa and add another banana?

seniorbones, Nov 15, 11:00pm
yah lunch time...I can have another peice of the cake!!!

tarme220, Nov 16, 2:01am
Do you think this cake would freeze ok?

annie.nz, Nov 16, 2:35am
I think I'll try this one - the "not too bananaree" seniorbones mentioned sounds good to me - I like a little banana flavour, but not a lot.

evorotorua, Nov 16, 5:06am
Hi tarme220. It freezes wonderfully. Still lovely and moist after 6 months in my freezer.

griffo4, Nov 18, 5:51am
Yes it is a really lovely l have just made it and it tastes great and will be making it from now on Thanks

cheapmike, Nov 18, 9:31am
I just made this as my first go at a cake. It is yum! Thanks for the recipe.

evorotorua, Nov 18, 5:16pm
Well done cheapmike. I am sure that even if you branch out into other cakes, this one will remain a staple recipe for you. Thanks everyone for enjoying it and spreading they recipe around for others to share. I would be interested if people tried other variations on the recipe. Erica.

tielfan, Nov 18, 6:55pm
Evorotorua - made this as a trial on Monday and it was still super moist on Thursday when DH took the rest into work to clear some kitchen space.Made a DOUBLE batch yesterday to sculpt into a huge cake for my two three year olds for their birthday.When cake's ready I'll put a pic on the thread, so you can see end result.Everyone loves it and I don't touch a crumb as I loathe bananas, so it works really well for me too!!

breena, Nov 18, 7:20pm
Oh Friday night and I can make something different - Im definately going to try this recipe - will tell you how it went and was received tomorrow.

Sounds absolutely divine!Oh my poor hips .....

annie.nz, Nov 19, 4:08am
BTW half this mix is perfect for a deep 8" ring tin.In the oven now for 3/4h and has risen almost to the top.

seniorbones, Nov 19, 4:44am
i think you could leave the bananas out if you wanted to but you might have to add more yoghurt for the 'wet' texture. next time I am going to use no bananas and the new kapiti passionfruit and mango yoghurt..expensive but devine, loads of fruit in it.

cheapmike, Nov 19, 5:52am
I just wanted to say that I took this to work today covered in red icing and soldservings of it for a dollar each to raise money for red nose day. Everyone loved it and commented on how moist and tasty it was. Thanks for an easy to follow recipe, it definately was a winner!. and yeah it will be a staple and has encouraged me to try and bake other stuff.Edited to add that i used berry yoghurt and might try other fruit....

sugapiehunnibun, Nov 19, 6:23am
This cake is amazing and my friends love it too, i especially love it because it freezes well and still comes out lovely :)
It also doesnt matter which yoghurt we have in the fridge it;s always yummy!!
Thanks Mum. xx

evorotorua, Nov 19, 6:45am
hey Suga!!!!

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