Best cake filling without needing refrigeration

blondinie, Apr 23, 8:34am
Hi I will be making a birthday cake soon, and I will be delivering it out of town around 3 hours away. What would filling could I use (and use for under the fondant to ), that doesn't require refrigeration for at least that amount of time? ( possibly longer) Butter cream? I don't want to risk making anyone sick! It will be a boxed chocolate cake mix im using. Google is giving varying opinions

madj, Apr 23, 8:59am
I think a chocolate ganache would be perfectly fine. I make a mud cake and decorate with it, and also make the same mix into cupcakes and top with chocolate ganache, these I keep out of the fridge and in a cool place for a day or so. You could make a buttercream using snowhip (or snowcreme) which is a vegetable shortening I buy from a cake shop which is stable for quite some time at room temp (this is not the shortening from the supermarket btw). Hope that helps, personally I would use ganache.

sarahb5, Apr 23, 9:20am
Jam under the fondant, buttercream filling will be fine out of the fridge for that length of time but is a boxed cake mix firm enough to take the weight of fondant?

blondinie, Apr 23, 9:33am
thanks for the replies, yes the boxed cake mix will do, novice baker here! I think I will go with the butter cream, I know iv'e eaten butter that's been in the pantry all day, and I've never been unwell from eating it. The ganache would be lovely, but using fresh cream in it would worry me a bit, if its to be left out of the fridge for hours. Personally for me, if I was eating it, I wouldn't worry, but for someone else to eat, i'm being cautious. I haven't heard of snowhip? We don't have any stores here for cake decorating, just the supermarket really. Thanks

blondinie, Apr 23, 9:39am
Now I will have to figure out how to make butter cream without it being a little grainy, any hints for that would be great thanks

sarahb5, Apr 23, 9:42am
Won’t be grainy if you use icing sugar and beat it properly.

Be careful with the fondant though - it’s quite heavy and needs a firm cake to support it so make sure you use a boxed mud cake as it is firmer than say devils food cake

blondinie, Apr 23, 9:48am
I thought I had beat it a lot last time I made it , but DD said it was a bit grainy. I only have an electric hand mixer, so many its not up to the job so well? I will just have to do my best I guess. I shall look for the boxed mud cake, thanks for that

duckmoon, Apr 23, 10:44am
the cream has been cooked, so I wouldn't be worried about that.

petal1955, Sep 30, 2:15pm
Use your chilly bin and sliker pads to transport the cake. no drama as to what filling then.can be fresh cream, ganache. butter icing.Easy Peasy !

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