Pickled Pork

gildon, May 16, 5:17am
Bought a piece today and now find I probably wont be able to cook it for about a week. Can I freeze it? Or will it be OK in the fridge for several days?

fifie, May 16, 5:38am
I freeze it, rub with honey and mustard wrap in foil cook in crocky, no problems.

245sam, May 16, 7:46am
gildon, check the packaging - it may have a Use By date on it and if you wish, you could be guided by that, although for preference I suggest that you freeze the pickled pork. I have found that it freezes perfectly. :-))

gildon, Sep 21, 6:51pm
Thank you both for those comments. I thought it probably would freeze but had never done it and wanted to be sure. Thanks again.

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