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neil_di, Oct 25, 12:23am
Ignore "lengthwise" in previous msg.This is the tried and true Southland recipe that has been made for fundraisers. Delish. Dont worry about the arteries!

dibble35, Oct 25, 5:12am
Yep this is the recipe i've made a few times now, its quite yummy, although im tempted to put a bit more mustard powder into it

timetable, Oct 25, 6:35am
1kg grated cheese, 1 - 2 tsp bacon and onion maggi soup mix or 1/2 minced onion and enough boiling water to turn it into a paste - i do it in the kitchen wizz. taste cheese is the best to use. spread on the sandwich bread and roll into 3. i usually get around 9 doz out of that mix

timetable, Oct 25, 6:37am
you can add dejon mustard if you want too

sherrydog, Oct 28, 3:42am
Can you use those little tins of condensed cream instead of evaporated milk? That's all I have in the pantry at the moment! Shame I know!

malcovy, Oct 28, 4:38am
Do you mean reduced cream? If so then yes but only heat gently in pot with other ingredients. Tasty cheese is better too.

rainrain1, Oct 28, 5:54am
The last cheese rolls I bought from a fundraiser were beautiful, I must ask for the recipe. There are so many different recipes, it drives ya nuts lol

timturtle, Oct 28, 9:23am
They are often sold for fundraisers and if you ask for the recipe they will give it to you for sure

timturtle, Jan 13, 11:01pm
Growing up I think we just used cheese a packet of magi onion soup and enough water to combined then spread on bread and fold, crusts cut off one side

The main thing as far as I am concerned is to toast them under a grill NOT in a press, spread butter on top

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