No breadcrumbs to stuff chicken

So would it be ok to use weetbix, mixed herbs, onion and egg, would that work ok, thank you.

Chef_jills3, Aug 5, 2:54 pm

I can't imagine it. Do you have any bread you could make in to crumbs yourself? I'd probably try rolled oats over weetbix, or go without stuffing and just shove an onion, lemon and garlic in the cavity.

Chef_hd07, Aug 5, 3:06 pm

Do you not keep bread in the freezer? If so take just a couple of slices out rather than the whole loaf, it will defrost very fast (minutes).

Chef_biggles45, Aug 5, 3:14 pm

Thank you hd07 and biggles, yes will take bread from freezer and toast it then break up into little pieces, I think the stuffing is the best part, thanks again.

Chef_jills3, Aug 5, 3:16 pm

You can use quinoa (cooked first) or I've heard of rolled oats.

Chef_wildflower, Aug 5, 3:16 pm

Don't toast it. just put it in the blender, add your herbs etc then stuff it. Remember it cooks again in the chook.

Chef_lythande1, Aug 5, 3:32 pm

I have used cooked rice with apricots and herbs. Really nice for a change.

Chef_cgvl, Aug 5, 3:35 pm

add an onion and mixed herbs yummy

Chef_whitehead., Aug 5, 3:38 pm

Yep, just bung it in the blender or food processor if you have one. Might as well stick your onion in there too while you're at it and save all the chopping/tears. No need to toast first (bread that is, not onion. ;)

Chef_sampa, Aug 5, 3:46 pm

This. I have never toasted bread to make stuffing. I can't imagine it toasted. Just let it defrost then make stuffing as normal.

Chef_biggles45, Aug 5, 3:48 pm

Try grating it frozen, if you don't have a whizz

Chef_rainrain1, Jan 21, 2:43 pm

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