Slow cooker - creamy chicken casserole question

cillamaria, Jun 25, 7:40am
hey I'm new to the slow cooker game - got one of Alison Holst's books...I want to make her creamy chicken casserole tomorrow...she puts cornmeal dumplings on top - which I don't want to do...has anyone made this recipe? I just really want to know if NOT doing the dumplings will make a difference


geldof, Jun 25, 9:13am
The only difference will be that you could have more liquid at the end of your cooking time.
The dumplings absorb some of the liquid.
Won't alter the flavour of your casserole.

Dumplings are great if you can't be bothered doing potatoes.

cillamaria, Jun 25, 8:47pm
thanks Geldof - about to switch on!

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