chicken casserole.... how to?

melissajane10, Mar 28, 2:01am
hey guys! i have a tin of campbells condensed soup and some chicken thighs, how do i make a casserole type thing? i want to do something other than roasting for once!

rocklover, Mar 28, 2:12am
I make a dish where chicken and blanched brocoli are put in a mix of can of condensed soup and a pottle of sourcream mixed together. That comes out really yummy. not sure what it would be like with just the soup on it's own?

winnie231, Mar 28, 2:42am
Do a NZ google for "soup chicken casserole" & you will find lots of recipes.

evebee, Mar 28, 3:19am
rocklover your recipe sounds super--would love the recipe if you wish to share. Thanks

jase320, Mar 28, 3:25am
Swiss Chicken Casserole
6 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 soup can water
8 oz. sliced Swiss cheese
½ stick butter... (1 stick is approx 125grams)
1 package coarse bread crumbs

Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and place in the bottom of a
casserole dish. In a small bowl, mix soup and water then pour over chicken.
Put a layer of swiss cheese over this. Melt butter and add enough bread
crumbs to take up the butter. Sprinkle bread crumbs and butter over the
cheese. Bake, covered with foil, in a 375F oven for 40-45 minutes until
nicely browned and bubbly. make sure chicken is cooked throroughly.

Easy Chicken Casserole

Veggies (carrot, peas, potato, pumpkin, etc) chopped up to bite sized pieces
Chicken (left overs are great in this)
1 tin of cream of chicken/mushroom/asparagus soup


Make up the soup as per directions on the can & bring to the boil. Chuck in the hard veggies (carrot, potato, etc) and simmer for about 5 mins. Next chuck in the chicken (if it's raw chicken, allow it to simmer for about 10-15 mins, about 5 mins for left overs). Then add any frozen/soft veggies (peas, corn, broccoli) and simmer for about 5-ish minutes.
Serve with rice or pasta.

Costs next to nothing and should serve 4-6 adults (depending on how big you like your serves).

Simple & Cheap Chicken Casserole

* 1 kg diced chicken
* 1 can of Condensed Cream of Mushroom soup
* 500 g bag of frozen mixed (diced) vegetables (eg. corn, peas, beans, potatoes)

In a large saucepan, fry diced chicken until brown.
Add frozen vegetables and stir until tender (about 5 mins)
Add can of soup
Simmer for about 40 mins or until chicken is really tender

Serve with rice and crusty dinner rolls.
* You can also cook this in the oven, mix all ingredients together in a casserole dish and cook for around 1 hour.

* Try using Cream of Chicken for a change.

rocklover, Dec 11, 5:50pm
evebee, it's really easy, and yummy. bringbrocolli to boilfor a couple of mins first and then remove, which makes the brocolli colourfast. All it is, is diced cooked chicken, blanched brocolli, one can of condensed chicken soup, one pottle of sour cream , and just a pinch of curry powder. Mix it all together, and about 40 mins in oven. makes heaps of sauce, so is great over rice.