Chicken casserole in slow cooker

chookpan, May 30, 10:12am
Has anyone got a nice recipe for the above please. Don't mind using a good old flavour satchet. Tried one with drumsticks and slow cooker flavour satchet but did not like it at all. It was not a maggi one so keen to try a tried and tested one that someone has tried and liked. Thanks

cgvl, May 30, 10:16am
I use chicken thighs bone out or chicken breast (cut up) and the Apricot chicken Maggi sachet or any of the other 2 chicken ones (Maggi). Not necessarily slow cooker ones just the ordinary ones.

bisloy, Jun 1, 3:33am
I use a packet or tin of soup. Much nicer. Add veges and chooky, add soup and a chicken stock cube. Add a cup of liquid if you use a packet of soup. Yummy.

sylvia, Jun 4, 10:44am
Chicken thighs (I prefer bone out and I don't cut them ps so they remain juicy) with a jar of Chicken Tonight sauce - I've used Asian Peanut Satay and also Honey and Mustard - both really nice. Spray the inside of slow cooker, pour sauce over chicken and put on low for 4 hrs. Easy! A really good website is which also has a presence on Facebook - amazing recipes.

princess63, Sep 7, 12:45am
We love the McCormicks Country Chicken casserole sachet
It’s a hit with everyone :)